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Former Palo Alto Networks Employee Charged With Insider Trading, Making $7 Million

19.12.19|Adi Pick
According to the SEC, Janardhan Nellore, who was fired earlier this year, used his credentials to obtain highly confidential information he then used to trade in Palo Alto Networks securities
מובילאיי בורסת ניו יורק

Mobileye Insider Trading Defendants to Pay $6 Million

15.12.19|Tomer Ganon
In exchange for not admitting guilt, two defendants will pay six times the allegedly ill-gotten profit they collected
משרדים של  חברת מובילאיי ב הר החוצבים

Mobileye Insider Trading Defendant to Sign Settlement With SEC

04.11.19|Tomer Ganon
Intel announced an agreement to acquire Jerusalem-headquartered automotive chipmaker Mobileye for $15.3 billion in March 2017, leading Mobileye’s stock to jump by 28% on Nasdaq
מימין: איילה כהן בדיון בית המשפט ביום חמישי האחרון ו דניאל בירנבאום מגיע לחקירה ברשות ניירות ערך

SodaStream CEO Allegedly Gave Ayala Cohen NIS 400,000 to Buy Company Stock

23.10.19|Tomer Ganon
Calcalist first reported on the investigation in September. Cohen, a long-term acquaintance of Daniel Birnbaum, is suspected of making nearly $55,500 off her trading
מימין: איילה כהן בדיון בית המשפט ביום חמישי האחרון ו דניאל בירנבאום מגיע לחקירה ברשות ניירות ערך

SodaStream Investigation Transcripts: You Made a Killing Today, Lunch Is on You

06.10.19|Tomer Ganon
SodaStream’s former CEO Daniel Birnbaum is being investigated under suspicion of providing insider trading tips to a close acquaintance on three separate occasions, enabling her to make profits of around $55,000
איילה כהן סודהסטרים

Second Party of SodaStream Insider Trading Investigation Revealed

03.10.19|Tomer Ganon
Thirty-year-old student and former SodaStream employee Ayala Cohen allegedly used information she received from former CEO Daniel Birnbaum to make profits of around $55,000
דניאל בירנבאום מנכל סודהסטרים לשעבר מגיע לחקירה

The SodaStream Investigation: Second Accused Party Suspected of Deleting Mobile Evidence

26.09.19|Tomer Ganon
Israel Securities Authority investigators are suspecting that the former employee thought to have received insider trading tips from former SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum has deleted files from her phone during a home search
מגזין מנהלים 2018 דניאל בירנבאום מנכ"ל סודהסטרים

From the Super Bowl to the Interrogation Room: What Is Daniel Birnbaum Facing

25.09.19|Sophie Shulman and Tomer Ganon
SodaStream’s former CEO came out a winner after the company’s $3.2 billion acquisition by PepsiCo last year. Now he is at the heart of an insider trading investigation, and the implications could be severe
מגזין מנהלים 2018 דניאל בירנבאום מנכ"ל סודהסטרים

Former Sodastream CEO Danial Birnbaum Investigated for Insider Trading Violations

24.09.19|Tomer Ganon
After being released from custody Monday, Birnbaum will be returning Tuesday for further questioning at the Israel Securities Authority’s offices in Tel Aviv
משרדי מובילאיי בהר חוצבים בירושלים

Israeli Court Approves SEC Request to Question Israelis in Connection to Mobileye’s Insider Trading Investigation

08.08.19|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
In 2017, the SEC opened two investigations, one against American citizens and one against Israeli citizens, into whether information about Intel’s $15.3 billion Mobileye acquisition was leaked before the public announcement and used for illicit profit
נאסד"ק וול סטריט

SEC Hires an Israel-Based Lawyer to Handle Mobileye Insider Trading Investigation

28.01.18|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
In November, the SEC asked for the Israeli authorities' assistance in obtaining witness testimonials from five Israeli residents
זיו אבירם ו אמנון שעשוע מייסדי מובילאיי

SEC Says Mobileye Founders’ Insider Trading Testimony Not Credible

20.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
Recently questioned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, co-founders Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram denied passing any inside information to defendant James Shaoul
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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Teva is once again the largest Israeli company. Car ownership on the wane, says Waze CEO. Facebook restores disputed page following Tel Aviv court ruling
ד"ר אמיר ולדמן מייסדי הום סקינוביישנס מעורב בפרשת מובילאיי

Emails in Mobileye Insider Trading Case Pinpoint Leak’s Source

18.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
The documents show how defendants communicated information about the stock’s expected spike
ד"ר אמיר ולדמן מייסדי הום סקינוביישנס מעורב בפרשת מובילאיי

Israeli Defendant Denies Mobileye Insider Trading Charges

08.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
Amir Waldman, former vice president of Israel-based medical device company Syneron Medical, is being accused by the SEC of making over $4 million from insider trading in Mobileye securities
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CEO of Surgical Robotics Company Mazor Robotics Subject of Insider Trading Probe

03.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Dror Reich
The investigation concerns a May 2016 deal with medical device maker Medtronic
בנימין נתניהו עם מנכ"ל אינטל בריאן קרזניץ' וראשי מובילאיי פרופ' אמנון שעשוע והמנכ"ל זיו אבירם

SEC Expands Probe into Mobileye Insider Trading Charges

19.11.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
On Wednesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a request for Israeli assistance in the two Mobileye insider trade cases
מימין מנכ"ל מובילאיי זיו אבירם והיו"ר אמנון שעשוע

Defendant Denies Mobileye Insider Trading Charges

15.10.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
Richmond, Virginia resident Roger E. Shaoul said he “acted in good faith” in documents filed to court. In March, Intel announced it signed an agreement to buy Mobileye for $15.3 billion
זיו אבירם ופרופ' אמנון שעשוע מייסדי החברה ב כנס מכירת מובילאיי עובדי החברה

Another Defendant Added in Mobileye Insider Trade Case

19.09.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
The SEC has filed a claim against Jerusalem resident James Shaoul, the brother of previously charged Richmond, Virginia resident Roger E. Shaoul