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Hisham Abdulhalim Intuit

Living with generative AI: what you need to know

04.04.23|Hisham Abdulhalim
“Generative AI represents a significant technological advancement that has the potential to transform many aspects of society. However, with this power comes great responsibility,” writes Hisham Abdulhalim PhD.
Moti Eliav Intuit

Intuit appoints Moti Eliav as its new Israel Site Leader

21.06.22|James Spiro
Eliav holds more than 30 years of experience and joined Intuit in 2020 as Head of IDX (Intuit Data Exchange) Israel
Sasan Goodarzi - Intuit

Bitcoin is crashing - but don’t rule out crypto just yet, says Intuit

16.06.22|James Spiro
Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi joined CTech during a visit to Israel to discuss blockchain technology in the fintech space
Tzvika Barenholz Intuit

How to tackle late-night meetings

12.05.22|Tzvika Barenholz
Global Engineering Days let the AI and Data team at Intuit to address collaboration across time zones
Hisham Abdulhalim Intuit Israel

Five skills every employee needs in the age of AI

31.01.22|Hisham Abdulhalim PhD.
"We should all be looking for ways to harness our unique human capabilities and cultivate soft skills that will become all the more important for the future of work," writes Hisham Abdulhalim PhD., Intuit Israel AI and Data Chief of Staff
מייסדי אימוויז'ן

Intuit acquiring API security startup Imvision for $50 million

21.12.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company, founded in 2014, has developed a full lifecycle security platform that enables enterprises to automatically discover, test and protect their APIs
Sivan Geva Intuit

5 Lessons Learned: working for global tech companies vs. startups

04.10.21|Sivan Geva
“Once you play for the major leagues and compare apples with apples, it’s hard to go back,” writes Sivan Geva, Communications Lead at Intuit Israel
Aviv Ben Arie Intuit

"It's much quicker to learn from successful people than to make all the mistakes on your own.”

Data science may be a super technical field, but Aviv Ben Arie from Intuit shares with Michael Matias that it’s also strongly about people and business
ה ספינה הליוס ריי helios ray השייכת לאיש העסקים הישראלי רמי אונגר נפגעה מ פיצוץ מסתורי במפרץ עומאן

What is the best-kept secret in the tech industry and are SPACs coming to Tel Aviv?

CTech Daily Roundup: Moovit to help Israel’s citizens navigate to polling stations on Tuesday
Sivan Geva Intuit

Intuit Israel: “We are at times referred to as the best-kept secret in the tech industry”

Intuit serves more than 50 million people and has 11,000 global employees, and yet Israelis probably haven’t heard of them. So how do they attract local talent?
Gene Golovinsky Intuit

In Covid-19, Intuit Israel asks: “how can we preserve and develop our culture?”

As part of CTech’s HR Post Covid series, the company’s General Manager and VP Security R&D discusses some of the ways culture can be fostered and maintained
סאסן גודארזי מנכל אינטואיט

Israeli employees among 715 fired by financial software giant Intuit

24.06.20|Meir Orbach
The company's CEO, Sasan Goodarzi, announced in a letter to the employees that Intuit will be cutting 7% of its workforce worldwide, laying off 715 people in total
פייסבוק ליברה קריפטו מטבע וירטואלי

Libra Is Exciting But Could Threaten Governments and Regulators, Say Fintech Executives

Earlier this month, Citi hosted an event in Tel Aviv to discuss new payment methods and how people around the world would make purchases and collect payments in the future
אוריגמי לוג'יק עופר כהנא

Intuit Acquires Data Analytics Startup Origami Logic

29.05.19|Meir Orbach
Founded in 2011 by three Israeli serial tech entrepreneurs, Origami Logic offers market performance and market insight analytics to brands
ג'ין גולובינסקי מנהל פעילות אינטואיט ישראל

Gene Golovinsky Appointed Head of Intuit’s Operations in Israel

10.02.19|Meir Orbach
Intuit employs 170 people in the country and is currently in the process of relocating its offices
Avenews GT זוכה במקום הראשון ב פיץ' בחשיכה

Israeli Pitch Dark Startup Contest Winner Gets Spot in the Limelight

06.11.18|Naomi Zoref
21 Israel-based startups battled to win the favor of judges in complete darkness at an event hosted by Citigroup in Jaffa Monday
פרופסור שרית קראוסעם דוקטור אריאל רוזנפלד

AI Takes Center Stage in Israeli Tech

From eBay’s automated personal fashion designer to Amazon’s hunger for local talent: a spotlight on Israel’s AI scene
אורחים Global Investor Summit  של OurCrowd בירושלים 2018 4

Intuit’s AI Team in Israel Develops Overdraft Prediction Service

02.02.18|Asaf Shalev
A year after opening a research and development center in Israel, Intuit has formed a 23-person team of data scientists and engineers who are upgrading the company’s financial software offerings
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Tech Powers Go After Israeli AI Specialists, But Local Talent Is in Over Demand

26.10.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Multinational tech companies planning research and development centers in Israel are straining an already small pool of local AI specialists