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משה חוגג יושב ראש ו בעלים של ביתר ירושלים

Moshe Hogeg returns to crypto business with Tomi while he awaits decision on fraud charges

11.06.23|Amir Kurz and Viki Auslender
Hogeg, who was arrested about a year and a half ago, among other things, on suspicion of defrauding crypto investors of hundreds of millions of dollars, revealed last week at a conference in Marrakech that he is part of the team behind cryptocurrency Tomi
משה חוגג יושב ראש ו בעלים של ביתר ירושלים

Crypto entrepreneur Hogeg sued by his former forex firm

09.01.22|Lital Dobrovitsky
Invest Dot Com (Israel), which was previously controlled by Hogeg but is currently undergoing a liquidation process, claims that Hogeg still controls its parent company, IDC Investdotcom Holdings, which is registered in Cyprus, and that it owes it almost $2 million
משה חוגג

Crypto entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg arrested on fraud, sexual offences charges

Hogeg, founder of blockchain companies Sirin Labs and Stox and the owner of soccer club Beitar Jerusalem, is suspected to have defrauded investors of tens of millions of dollars and is also facing charges for sexual offences
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Childhood friends of Moshe Hogeg suing the Israeli businessman for NIS 18 million

26.05.21|Lital Dovrovitski
Roee Bruchiel, who claims to be Hogeg’s childhood friend and who served as his personal assistant, and Eran Okashi, who worked as a bookkeeper at Hogeg’s Singulariteam VC, are suing former boss for fraud
משה חוגג

Moshe Hogeg sues Samsung Ventures over nixed StoreDot shares deal

30.03.21|Lital Dobrovitsky
The Israeli businessman claims the VC fund is shirking its agreement to sell him its shares in the company for $13 million
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Hogeg bringing Bitcoin to Tel Aviv Stock Exchange via shelf company

28.02.21|Golan Hazani
The Israeli entrepreneur believes the cryptocurrency market will continue to surge over the next few years and is aiming to make it more accessible to both private and institutional investors
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Cryptocurrency case against Moshe Hogeg dismissed in U.S. Federal court

27.01.21|James Spiro
The case against Hogeg and STX Technologies alleged fraud, breach of contract, racketeering, and violations of Washington Securities laws
שיח' חמד אלנהיאן איחוד האמירויות

Who is the Emirati businessman who wants a piece of Hogeg’s Beitar?

03.12.20|Doron Paskin
Hogeg is looking to sell a 49% stake in the club for a reported 28 million euros to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, a member of the UAE's royal family
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Moshe Hogeg sued for defrauding investors in cryptocurrency initiative Zodiac

17.09.20|Hagar Ravet
Plaintiffs claim Hogeg misled them regarding the involvement of Bittrex a well-known crypto exchange in the platform
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FIH takes Moshe Hogeg to court over failure to pay for Finney blockchain phone production

12.08.20|Hagar Ravet
Despite the fanfare launch, only 10,000 units of the Finney were ever made, FIH says Hogeg owes it almost $6 million
מימין: בעל השליטה בקבוצת דלק יצחק תשובה ויזם ההייטק משה חוגג

Tech entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg pivots to the energy sector

09.08.20|Golan Hazani
In a rare move, the blockchain mogul invested $8 million in Tshuva’s Delek Group
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg sued for fraud once more

01.07.20|Hagar Ravet
A Canadian investor in Hogeg’s crypto project Stox, alleges the company was a sting operation disguised as a business venture
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New Lawsuit Alleges Crypto Entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg Misled Investors

11.07.19|Lital Dobrovitsky and Hagar Ravet
A lawsuit filed in Tel Aviv Wednesday by two U.S.-based business men names Israeli blockchain entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg as a defendant
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Stox Investor Drops Fraud Lawsuit Against Crypto Entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg

16.05.19|Hagar Ravet
A lawsuit filed in Tel Aviv in January alleged crypto company Stox and Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg stripped investors of their money
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Former CFO Dropped From Lawsuit Against Crypto Company Stox, Moshe Hogeg

24.03.19|Lital Dobrovitsky and Tomer Ganon
A January lawsuit filed in Tel Aviv alleges that blockchain entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg, through crypto company Stox, took money received from an ICO for himself and for other companies he was involved with
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Lawsuit Alleges Crypto Company Stox Stripped Investors of Their Money

24.01.19|Hagar Ravet and Lital Dobrovitsky
A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Tel Aviv names Israeli blockchain entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg and crypto firm Stox as defendants
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Israeli Blockchain Entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg Says He Was Victim to a Digital Coin Sting

22.01.19|Hagar Ravet
Hogeg wrote on Facebook that a “large sum” was stolen from him on Monday when he attempted to buy GRIN coins in an over-the-counter (OTC) transaction
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Sirin Labs States it Remains Loyal to Hardware

09.12.18|Hagar Ravet
The downturn in the crypto market has not only tanked Sirin Lab’s token but also affected some of the CEO’s other businesses
סירין לאבס Finney סמארטפון קריפטו

Sirin Lab’s Cold Crypto Wallet Phone Finney Released with High Aspirations

02.12.18|Lilach Baumer and Omer Kabir
The Israel-based company, which previously offered the $15,000-a-unit Solarin, is retailing the device at $999