16 stories about Nazareth
Baha Tourani  NGT Healthcare 2

Nazareth-based VC firm NGT HealthCare II raises $92 million for its Impact Fund

09.03.22|James Spiro
The fund will invest in technologies in the field of health and help promote Arab entrepreneurship
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Lara Musalam

“Background stereotypes get demolished” when Jews and Arabs work together

09.03.22|James Spiro
As a student at the Unistream Association, Lara Musalam learned how Jews and Arabs can not only work together, but thrive in doing so.
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Mo Mitwaly

Nazareth: A modern-day ‘David and Goliath’

09.03.22|James Spiro
Mo Mitwaly, Mentor at Loop and Founder at Altooro, speaks to CTech about the Arab city and draws parallels to the biblical tale
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Reem Younis

How can Nazareth become a tech ecosystem like Tel Aviv?

08.03.22|James Spiro
Co-Founder at Alpha Omega Reem Younis joins CTech to share how periphery cities like Nazareth can match high-tech goliaths like Tel Aviv
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Hatem Yazbek

Nazareth’s high tech scene is having a “tremendous impact on the society”

08.03.22|James Spiro
Hatem Yazbek, Technical Director at Broadcom, describes the impact that tech has on the Arab city when speaking to CTech for its Out of the Bubble series
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Tamar Kedar Harris

Nazareth is proving to be a haven for Israeli medical professionals

07.03.22|James Spiro
During CTech’s visit to Nazareth for its Out of the Bubble series, Tamar Kedar Harris, Director of Investor Relations at NGT Healthcare 2, shared insights about the region and investment opportunities
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Wasim Abu Salem

“There is a lot of hidden potential and a lot of interesting talent that we need to support in Nazareth”

07.03.22|James Spiro
Speaking as part of CTech’s Out of the Bubble, Wasim Abu Salem, Founder at Loop, discusses the future of entrepreneurship in Nazareth
סיטק פריפריה נצרת פאנל Panel

“The strength and the beauty of Nazareth is that we can be diverse”

07.03.22|James Spiro
“This diversity leads to innovation,” said Johny Abdallah, VP of Software Engineering at Amdocs at CTech’s Out of the Bubble

Fintech Startup Personetics Opens R&D Center in Nazareth

21.07.19|Meir Orbach
Among the companies that operate outposts in the area are Microsoft, Amdocs, and Salesforce

Salesforce Opens Nazareth Development Center

06.03.19|Meir Orbach
The new facility was bolstered by marketing analytics company Datorama, which the customer service software juggernaut bought over the summer
דיוויד פרידמן טקס ב שגרירות ארה"ב ב ירושלים

How the U.S. Embassy Attempts to Boost Arab Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel

19.12.18|Adi Pick
While Israeli Arabs make up roughly 21% of Israel’s population, they only hold 3% of the country’s tech jobs
alpha omega

Nazareth-Based Medical Device Company Alpha Omega Raises $7 Million

13.12.18|Adi Pick
Alpha Omega’s medical equipment helps neurosurgeons locate the optimal target for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrodes

Coworking Real Estate Company Regus Opens Nazareth Location

11.12.18|Dotan Levy
The 1,000-square-meter space is adjacent to a Microsoft research and development center
אהרון אהרון מנכ"ל רשות החדשנות

Supporting Arab Entrepreneurs Is Vital for Israeli Economy, Says Innovation Authority Chief

11.12.18|Adi Pick
Aharon Aharon, head of Israel’s governmental tech investment arm, spoke at a conference on tech and the country's Arab sector held in Nazareth Tuesday
איתי בן זאב מנכ"ל ה בורסה ל ניירות ערך כנס עסקים של החברה הערבית

Israeli Executive Calls on Arab Business Leaders to List on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

12.02.18|Oren Freund
No Arab-owned companies are currently listed on Israel’s only stock exchange
ח"כ אחמד טיבי הרשימה המשותפת כנס עסקים של החברה הערבית

Exclusion of Arabs Costs Israel Over $10 Billion a Year, Israeli Lawmaker Says

12.02.18|Keren-Or Grinberg
The under-representation of Israel’s Arab citizens in the local job market is especially apparent in Israel’s lucrative tech sector