20 stories about Netafim
ועידת לונדון 2023 מייקל זקוס שותף בסקטור הטכנולוגיה ויו"ר ועדת הפורטפוליו של קרן ההשקעות Permira , רן מידן מנהל קרן פרמירה בישראל ויועץ גלובלי לפעילות הקרן וידאו

"Permira sees Israel as a strategic market for investments in technology companies"

"We follow the activity in Israel and see what is happening,” Michail Zekkos, Partner and chairman of Permira’s portfolio review committee said at Mind The Tech London, “The stability of the political system and the importance of the rule of law are the basis for investments”
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Israel's Netafim offers rice farmers an alternative to flooding their paddies

Demand for rice is expected to rise 25% by 2050 and rice paddies leave too big a footprint, says director of U.N.-backed Sustainable Rice Platform
מוסף שבועי 30.5.19 דנא רן מידן מנכל נטפים

On its way to another exit: Permira is setting up an Israel representative office

19.10.20|Golan Hazani
Former Netafim CEO Ran Maidan to lead the $50 billion fund’s local activities seeking to help companies grow to become industry leaders
מימין: יו"ר טמאסק לים בון והנג ו גילון בק מנהל־שותף בפימי ויו" ריווליס

Singapore's Temasek signs deal to acquire Israeli micro-irrigation company Rivulis

13.09.20|Golan Hazani
Temasek intends to retain Rivulis' current management, as well as its headquarters in Kibbutz Gvat
גדי מיודובניק נשיא ומנכ"ל נטפים ועידת יצוא

For us Covid-19 is more an opportunity than a crisis, says Netafim CEO

24.08.20|Avior Abou
Gabriel Miodownik, president and CEO of Israeli drip-irrigation company Netafim, spoke Sunday at Calcalist’s online conference on Israeli exports during the coronavirus era
מפעל נטפים מוסף קיבוץ חצרים

Drip irrigation pioneer Netafim lands $85 million contract in India

10.08.20|Golan Hazani
The deal will see Netafim provide irrigation systems to 35,000 farmers, growing diverse crops on some 500 square kilometers in 66 villages in the state of Karnataka in southwest India
מוסף שבועי 30.5.19 דנא רן מידן מנכל נטפים

Netafim President and CEO Ran Maidan to Step Down

09.09.19|Golan Hazani
Prior to joining Netafim in 2014, Maidan headed the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Middle East operation of Israeli pesticides manufacturer Adama
מוסף שבועי 30.5.19 דנא רן מידן מנכל נטפים

Netafim Signs $14 Million Irrigation Deal in Tanzania

12.06.19|Golan Hazani
The company will provide irrigation to 20 square kilometers of sugarcane grown by a subsidiary of Tanzania-based conglomerate Bakhresa Group
נטפים jvp

JVP Partners With Netafim to Scout for Agritech, Foodtech Startups in the Galilee

JVP Chairman Erel Margalit and Netafim CEO Ran Maidan announced the partnership at an event celebrating the construction of a new foodtech hub in Kiryat Shmona
מוסף 100 המשפיעים 2016 רן מידן מנכל נטפים

Drip Irrigation Company Netafim Wins $100 Million Irrigation Contract in India

12.03.19|Navit Zomer
The smart irrigation pioneer will install precision irrigation systems in 100 villages across India as part of a community irrigation project
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Bayer, Netafim and Ben-Gurion University to Collaborate on Drip Irrigation Research

11.02.19|Adi Pick
The joint research collaboration aims to further develop a solution that utilizes Netafim's drip irrigation systems to deliver Bayer's chemical and biological crop protection products
רכבת ישראל

CTech’s Tuesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israeli government streamlines tech investments by state-owned companies. Ethemba Capital nears sale of fabrics company Avgol at a $440 million valuation
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Drip-Irrigation Pioneer Netafim Unveils Automated Irrigation System

08.05.18|Amarelle Wenkert
The system provides farmers with real-time recommendations sent to a mobile app, based on data gathered from sensors

Mexichem CEO Visits Israel Following Major Drip Irrigation Acquisition

21.03.18|Adi Barak
The Mexico-based company completed the deal to acquire an 80% stake in drip-irrigation pioneer Netafim in February, leaving 20% of the company in the hands of the kibbutz that founded it
השקת מעבדת חדשנות של מונא ו אפל במג'ד אל־כרום

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Apple partners with Arab-Jewish tech incubator on AR lab. At the midst of a talent crunch, Israel has an untapped source of engineers
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Mexichem Completes 80% Acquisition of Drip-Irrigation Company Netafim

11.02.18|Golan Hazani
The deal values the Israel-based drip-irrigation pioneer at $1.9 billion
חגי רביד מנכ"ל ושותף מנהל בקוקירמן בית השקעות

From Chinese Reforms to European Instability, 2018 Bodes Well for Israeli Tech

25.12.17|Haggai Ravid
In 2018 U.S. investors may ask Israeli entrepreneurs to move stateside because of Trump’s tax reforms
מוסף שבועי 10.10.17 מימין אלי בן סימון ו צביקה ברקאי קיבוץ חצרים

In a Kibbutz-Run Venture Capital Operation, Commune Members Weigh In

06.11.17|Keren Tsuriel Harari
With stakes in three companies, one of them sold to a Mexican piping company for $1.5 billion, Israel’s Kibbutz Hatzerim runs a varied investment portfolio, reflecting a five-year strategic plan
מפעל נטפים ב קיבוץ מגל

Mexichem Agrees to Buy 80% of Netafim for $1.5 Billion

07.08.17|Golan Hazani
Mexichem's last moment offer outpriced other bids for the Israel-based drip-irrigation pioneer
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Temasek a Favorite in Bidding War for Netafim

03.08.17|Golan Hazani
A majority stake in the Israeli irrigation company is expected to be sold on a $1.7 billion valuation