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Ehud Hausman

IP protection might just save the tech companies from their crisis

29.08.22|James Spiro
In a climate where companies are cutting costs, one thing is worth holding on to: your patents.
גיום שטרן

Israeli companies and entrepreneurs should prepare for change in the European patent system

03.03.22|Guillaume Stern
In a few months, the United Patent Court and the European Patent System will start operating differently, having significant implications for those seeking to protect their Intellectual Property
סלעית שחר

IP not as a burden, but rather as a crucial business tool

08.11.21|Saleit Shahar
"Early-stage startups have limited financial and human resources to invest in IP. Together with the inherent problems in evaluating IP assets, startups do not always prioritize IP protection. However, as sometimes realized, the costs of lacking IP are higher," writes Saleit Shahar
Steve Krawczyk 20MinuteLeaders

"When you're an entrepreneur, you're always on display. You're always performing, and you're always questioning how the audience is receiving you"

Silicon Valley investor Steve Krawczyk talks to Michael Matias about the importance of grabbing opportunities, how patents play out in the pharma industry, and his role as an “emotional support angel”
מנת חיסון פייזר קורונה covid 19

How will Pfizer and Moderna protect their vaccine patent applications?

25.11.20|Adv. Ephraim Heiliczer
While regulatory exclusivity will effectively protect Covid vaccines for at least a decade in Europe and the U.S, they will be unprotected by regulatory exclusivity in Israel.
עסק קטן הקמת עסק סטארטאפ תוכנית עסקים קטנים 2

Reinhold Cohn and Calcalist to host 2021 startup competition

Contest is open to startups at seed and series A stages, top three winners will be awarded strategic, digital marketing, and storytelling services worth up to NIS 100,000

Five patents you should know about for Halloween 2020

29.10.20|Adv. Nathan Renov
Masks, decorations, and social distancing - here are the patents that are keeping us safe in a Halloween spooked with Covid-19
דניאל קליגלר פטנטים

The lawyer who forges Israeli tech companies’ prized weapons

23.10.20|Allon Sinai
Daniel Kligler, who specializes in patents, offers his unique insights on what makes Israelis dominate tech innovation
עו"ד אסא קלינג ראש מחלקת קניין רוחני במשרד עוה"ד נשיץ ברנדס אמיר ולשעבר ראש רשות הפטנטים

Israel Patent Office mulls U.S.-inspired provisional application

15.06.20|Hagar Ravet
Should the new model be adopted it would offer innovators a more accessible and less pricey route to patenting and could prove a source of revenue for the Israeli economy, according to intellectual property lawyer and former patent office director Asa Kling
אוניברסיטת תל אביב מעבדה בדיקות קורונה

As the pandemic continues to rage, patents should be protected without hampering innovation

08.06.20|Chavah Apfelbaum and Syvanne Aloni
Pioneers, who are navigating fragmented intellectual property laws across global markets, must be astute if they are to benefit from the significant commercial and geopolitical value of Covid-19-related ideas and products
מטה טבע פתח תקווה

Teva Settles Patent Litigation Case for Blood Sugar Stabilizer With Novo Nordisk

Under the settlement agreement, Teva will be able to sell a generic version of the drug as of 2023
חברת ה תרופות טבע Teva

Teva Agrees to Stop Selling Amgen Generic Following Patent Infringement Settlement

03.01.19|Lilach Baumer
In December, Teva reached a confidential settlement and licensing agreement with drug manufacturer Neos Therapeutics, regarding its generic version for Neos' ADHD drug
מטה טבע פתח תקווה

Teva Reaches Confidential Patent Settlement with Neos

The agreement will enable Teva to manufacture and sell a generic version of Neos’ ADHD drug Cotempla as of 2026
מטה טבע פתח תקווה

Teva's Swiss Anti-Nausea Drug Patent Suit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

05.12.18|Lilach Baumer
Teva was sued in 2011 by Swiss drug company Helsinn Healthcare over its intention to develop a generic version of Helsin's drug, which it released in the U.S. in March 2018
מעבדה של בוש

Israelis Registered Fewer Patents, Scientific Discoveries in 2017

27.08.18|Meir Orbach
According to a new report by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of newly registered patents in 2017 was down 5% compared with the year before. Registered scientific discoveries were down 19%
פרופסור זליג אשחר

Scientist Quarrel Over Kite Pharma Sale Royalties to be Settled Out of Court

28.05.18|Zohar Shahar Levy
Israeli immunologist Zelig Eshhar, who holds the patent for Kite Pharma’s anti-cancer technology, has been sued by a former student for infringement of patent rights
פרופסור זליג אשחר

Scientist’s Ex-Wife Joins Legal Melee Over Kite Pharma Windfall

16.01.18|Zohar Shahar Levy
Zelig Eshhar, the patent holder for Kite Pharma’s anti-cancer technology, is currently being sued by a former student for infringement of patent rights
פרופסור זליג אשחר

Immunologists Exchange Verbal Blows in Legal Fight Over Kite Pharma Windfall

26.12.17|Zohar Shahar Levy
In August, Gilead Science bought anti-cancer treatment company Kite Pharma for $11.9 billion. Two Israeli scientists involved in the early research that led to the company’s breakthrough are now quarreling over patent royalty payments
מפעל חברת טבע הר חוצבים ירושלים

Teva's Blockbuster Drug Takes Another Generic Blow

26.10.17|Lilach Baumer
Mylan and European Partner Synthon won U.K. patent case related to Teva's Copaxone
בוריס בריאן רץ 800 לפני אתיופים ריו דה ז'נרו

Startup Contests Are Not for Everyone

22.10.17|Zachi Zach
If not carefully selected, a startup contest could hold more risk than value