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שירות באבל bubble

Reaching less than 50% its capacity, Via’s Tel Aviv shuttle service gets another year on the road

13.07.20|Udi Etsion and Sophie Shulman
The Israeli transportation ministry recently approved Via’s ride-sharing service Bubble for an additional period of one year, likely realizing the need to monitor public transportation passengers is crucial in fighting off the current health crisis
כובע דגל מונית גט Gett

Gett’s IPO Dreams Are Farther Than Ever with $24 Million in Private Financing

20.02.20|Meir Orbach
In May, Gett CEO Dave Waiser stated the company’s round that month was likely its last before an early 2020 IPO, but a recent report from backer Vostok reveals Gett raised additional funding in the last quarter of 2019
קורקינטיים קורקינטיים קורקינטים קורקינט חשמלקורקינט חשמלי שיתופיים של בירד ב שדרות רוטשילד תל אביב

The Uber Case: Why Micro-Mobility Companies Need a Better Business Plan

12.01.20|Omer Kabir
Last week, shared e-scooter company Lime announced a significant downsizing of its operation and a new focus on profitability, marking the way for its rivals to what?
שירות באבל bubble

Via’s Tel Aviv Shuttle Service Bubble Reaches 4,500 Daily Passengers Milestone

23.12.19|Lior Gutman
The milestone was reached after Via and its partner Dan added 60 vehicles to the service in the past weeks, bringing its fleet up to 100 10-seat vehicles
מונית יאנגו

For Yango, B2B Ride Service Could Be the Way to a Greater Market Share in Israel

08.12.19|Sophie Shulman
Launched in Israel one year ago, Yango, the taxi-hailing service operated by Russian multinational tech company Yandex, has been tailing local market leader Gett
רכב באבל תחבורה חכמה

20,000 Users Sign Up for Via's Tel Aviv Ride-Sharing Service in one Month

20.05.19|Udi Etsion
Via currently operates shuttles in most parts of Tel Aviv and intends to expand to its entire territory as well as neighbouring suburbs in upcoming months.
שחר וייסר מייסד ו מנכ"ל גט gett סטארטאפים מבטיחים

Gett Raises $120 Million in Debt Financing, Equity

07.05.19|Meir Orbach
Gett, currently preparing for a London or Tel Aviv IPO, said the round was raised according to a $1.5 billion valuation
טייבה עיר ערבית ערביי ישראל

Technion, Arab Women’s Organization to Launch Ride-Sharing App

10.03.19|Adi Pick
Much of Israel’s Arab population lives outside the country’s metropolitan centers, where most local tech firms have set up offices, possibly contributing to the relatively low number of Arab employees in the Israeli tech scene
Here ליעד יצחק מנהל חטיבת מוביליטי

German Mapping Company Here Launches Social Mobility App

08.01.19|Meir Orbach
The German mapping company believes people like their solo driving time but will choose to band together for a shared goal or need
מימין מנכ"ל פולקסווגן מתיאס מולר ו מנכ"ל גט שחר וייסר 2016

Volkswagen Writes-Off Gett Investment, Der Spiegel Reports

23.12.18|Hagar Ravet
Volkswagen invested $300 million in Gett in 2016, and also participated in an $80 million funding round Gett announced in June
ויה VIA BVG שירותי נסיעות

Mercedes, Ridesharing Company Via Bring Van Shuttle Service to Berlin

12.09.18|Tofi Stoler
Operated in partnership with Berlin’s public transportation authority BVG, the service currently covers about half the city on Friday and Saturday nights. It will gradually expand to the entire municipality, with 300 vehicles operating throughout the week
ניו יורק מוניות תנועה פארק אווניו

Ride-Hailing Company Gett Generates Around $1 Billion in Revenues a Year

16.08.18|Meir Orbach
In its financial report, Vostok, which holds a 5.5% stake in Gett, attributed most of the taxi-hailing app developer’s revenues to its London and New York activity
אנשים רוכבים על קורקינטים חשמליים של Bird ו־Lime ב סן פרנסיסקו

Electric Scooter-Sharing Company Bird Expands to Tel Aviv and Paris

01.08.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
Despite some limiting legislation, electric scooters are extremely popular in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv’s busy streets, where most local and international tech companies operating in the country choose to set up shop
ניו יורק מוניות תנועה פארק אווניו

Gett Intends to Pull Out of U.S. Market, Report Says

15.07.18|Hagar Ravet
Gett plans to sell New York-based ride-hailing app Juno, which it acquired as a foothold in the U.S. in April 2017, Bloomberg reported Sunday
אופניים שיתופיים ofo אופו רמת גן חדש

Ofo Cancels Bike-Sharing Pilot at Israeli Research University, Report Says

Launched in April, the pilot was canceled due to the high cost of retrieving bikes that were taken out of campus or locked with personal locks to prevent other people from using them
ויה Via שרות מוניות נסיעה משותפת ניו יורק

Mercedes-Benz Vans and Ridesharing Company Via Launch Service in London

04.04.18|Meir Orbach
The two announced ViaVan, an on-demand shared transit service for the European market, in September 2017
אפליקציית נסיעות Careem קארים

Ramallah Says 'No' to Dubai-Based Ride-Hailing Service

06.11.17|Doron Peskin
Careem, Uber’s Middle Eastern rival, is exiting the Palestinian market
מונית גט gett taxi

Volkswagen Snub Hampers Gett’s Money Raising Campaign

19.10.17|Hagar Ravet
Volkswagen AG is looking to develop its ride-sharing division, Bloomberg recently reported.