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Prof. Ami Moyal Afeka

Afeka College’s ‘graduate profile’ hopes to tackle the local talent shortage

03.07.22|James Spiro
There are 18,000 jobs that need filling in Startup Nation. Professor Ami Moyal has joined CTech to share how the college is shaping future techies
Yair Green Syte BiblioTech

CTech's Book Review: How to hire winners during a tech talent shortage

16.01.22|Yair Green
Yair Green, VP of R&D at Syte, shares insights after reading “Who: The A Method for Hiring” by Geoff Smart and Randy Street
מתכנתים מפתחים פיתוח DEVOPS

Covid-19 will go away, the tech talent crunch will not, says tech veteran Yuval Eshel

30.08.20|Maayan Manela
Eshel, the CEO of custom software company Giga Real Time wants to launch an internship program for fresh-out-of-school programmers and says he needs $5.9 million in government funding to do so
הייטק עובדים

How the Lives of Israeli Tech Workers Changed Over the Past Decade

05.01.20|Maayan Manela
A look at the changes in the employment conditions of tech workers in Israel presents a broader view of the industry as a whole
מודיעין צה"ל מיחשוב 8200

Unit 8200 Commander Attacks Cybersecurity Startup That Tried to Poach Soldiers

30.12.19|Hagar Ravet
An Israeli cybersecurity startup paid to put up recruitment ads on billboards strategically located just outside Unit 8200’s headquarters in central Israel, infuriating the unit’s commander
חייל חיילים סדירים שכר מינימום

In Israel, Some Tech Companies See Combat Experience as a Major Plus

09.12.19|Maayan Manela
Going as far as calling it affirmative action, some tech executives say they prefer to hire former warriors, claiming the unique prowess gained on the battlefield is perfect for handling the stressful and demanding nature of a career in tech
נעמי קריגר כרמי רשות החדשנות

The Israeli Government Will Pay to Train AI Specialists

12.11.19|Hagar Ravet
A new program by Israel Innovation Authority will see it pay up to $570,000 a year to companies that will develop and implement their own advanced artificial intelligence training
ראיון עבודה תשובות גרועות הפתעה

Viola’s Tips for Attracting Top Tech Talent

The Israeli venture capital group recently conducted a survey among the human resources heads of its portfolio companies, and came away with a few insights for a more effective recruitment process
חופשת קיץ בני נוער נטורל אינטליג'נס

Why Flip Burgers When You Can Write Code? Israeli Teens Get Tech Summer Jobs

14.08.19|Maayan Manela
In light of the ongoing talent crunch in the Israeli tech sector, companies are attempting to utilize an untapped resource: their employees’ offspring, with some offering paid internship programs during the 10-week summer vacation
שלמה קרמר ממיסדי צ'ק פוינט אימפרבה קאטו נטוורקס

An Entrepreneur Is Like a Professional Basketball Player, Says Serial Entrepreneur Shlomo Kramer

05.08.19|Maayan Manela
Kramer, who previously co-founded firewall pioneer Check Point, cybersecurity company Imperva, and anti-fraud company Trusteer, is the co-founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company Cato Networks
default image

Israel's Tech Talent Solution Lies in the Country's Galilee and Negev Regions, Says Nonprofit's CEO

11.07.19|Maayan Manela
Roni Flamer, who heads a nonprofit aimed at developing Israel’s northern and southern regions, believes the fierce competition over tech talent and the mounting costs of real estate in central Israel should act as incentives for companies to set up shop elsewhere
ועידת הדיגיטל והמובייל אהוד שניאורסון שותף בלאמברג קפיטל

Veterans of Unit 8200 Are Feeling Like A Million Bucks (a Year)

02.11.18|Adi Pick
When one of his subordinates got a job offer with an annual compensation of $1 million, this Israeli former cyber general knew he was in trouble
אהרון אהרון מנכל הרשות הלאומית ל חדשנות טכנולוגית

Talent Crunch Threatens the Continued Growth of Israeli Tech

06.08.18|Aharon Aharon
The accomplishments of the Israeli tech industry mask the fact that Israel’s main growth engine, its tech industry, is slowing down, writes Aharon Aharon, the director of Israel’s government innovation investment arm
יטסה חרון

The Curious Case of the Israeli Lunch Card

31.07.18|Ran Abramson and Hagar Ravet
Amsterdam-listed food delivery company Takeaway.com sees 10bis, an Israeli company it acquired, as a way to start catering to businesses
מייסד תן ביס תמיר כרמלי

Takeaway.com Deal Highlights Israel’s Top Job Perk: Prepaid Lunch Cards

30.07.18|Hagar Ravet, Nurit Kadosh and Omri Milman
On Saturday, Takeaway.com announced a 135 million euros deal to acquire Tel Aviv-based lunch card provider 10bis
מפעל אינטל ב קריית גת 15.5.18

Intel Launches Integration Program For Arab Workers in Israel

11.06.18|Tofi Stoler
The program is meant to encourage Intel employees belonging to the country’s Arab minority to share the challenges they face when entering the predominantly Jewish tech world in order to help the company diversify
בולגארד יוסי אטיאל

Bullguard to Expand Israeli IoT Center with $5 Million Investment

24.05.18|Yoav Stoler
Bullguard acquired Israel-based Dojo-Labs in 2016 and turned it into a research and development center