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The gig is up: Customers paying the price for the sharing economy

14.01.24|Viki Auslender
From Uber, to Airbnb, to Wolt. The "disruptive technology" companies promised an easy and shiny new life using cheap money. However, once interest rates rose, services that were once efficient, cheap and aesthetic have become complicated, expensive and unattractive
ורד רביב שוורץ guesty כנס e commerce 360

Rural and vacation areas saw large uptick in reservations during pandemic

Many people flocked to rural locations, and became ‘digital nomads’ says President & COO of Guesty, Vered Raviv Schwarz, speaking at Calcalist’s E-commerce 360 conference
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Airbnb charging ahead with IPO despite disastrous timing

25.08.20|Viki Auslander
Airbnb was valued as high as $31 billion at its peak but arrives at the stock market having to deal with the challenge posed by coronavirus as well as the increased hostility and question marks around the Gig Economy
בתים ב רחוב אבן גבירול ב תל אביב ש מיועדים ל שיפוץ

Israel's New Short-Term Rental Trend: Quarantine Apartments

26.03.20|Diana Bahur-Nir
From high-end to low-budget options, short-term apartments across the country are now offering a convenient and relatively cheap solution for those required to go into a 14-day quarantine, to the dismay of neighbors
מוסף שבועי 4.4.19 תיירים כרם התימנים Airbnb

The Coronavirus Has Put Airbnb Apartments Back on the Rental Market

10.03.20|Shlomit Tsur
In light of cancellations and the absence of new bookings on short term rental sites including Airbnb, many homeowners have turned to renting out their properties for longer periods
מנהטן ניו יורק שדירת המיליארדרים

New York City Opens Investigation Into Rental Property Management Startup Guesty

04.03.20|Meir Orbach
Guesty develops an platform that lets hosts manage listings across multiple platforms, including Airbnb,, and Agoda, offering a unified inbox, payment processing options, and website creation tools
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Tel Aviv Claims it Has no Authority to Regulate Airbnb Rentals

23.12.19|Shlomit Tsur
In July, 12 Tel Aviv residents filed a petition against the city, demanding it take action against unlicensed short-term rentals
כנס שירות בעידן החדש 2019 raj sivasubramanian air bnb

Videotaped User Testimonies Improve Customer Service Performance, Says Manager at Airbnb

02.12.19|Elihay Vidal
As big data drowns out the human element, action must be taken to add a more personal level to customer feedback in order to encourage empathy, said Raj Sivasubramanian
טלפון גלישה רשתות חברתיות

Got a New Like on Facebook? It May Be Your Friendly Neighborhood Tax Investigator

02.08.19|Gad Lior
The Israeli Tax Authority has recently started tracking tax-evading businesses using social networks. The incriminating data, it turns out, it right at their fingertips
רחוב אלנבי תל אביב

Tel Avivians Ask the City to Require Permits for Airbnb Operators

23.07.19|Lital Dobrovitsky
In Tel Aviv,the battle against Airbnb rentals has just gone one step forward. Tired of having their complaints to the city go unanswered, 12 residents filed a petition Monday to a Tel Aviv district court against the city, demanding it takes action against unlicensed Airbnb rentals
תל אביב קו רקיע חוף

Tel Aviv's Flirtation With Airbnb Has Turned Into a Full-Blown Love Affair

13.05.19|Nimrod Busso
A third of the new housing units added to the Tel Aviv market in 2018 went on to be offered exclusively to short term rentals through Airbnb, according to a new report
התנחלות התנחלויות יהודה ושומרון

Airbnb Retracts Its Decision to Ban Settlement Listings

10.04.19|Adi Pick
In November, Airbnb said that it would be banning some 200 listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank from its service
מוסף שבועי 4.4.19 תיירים כרם התימנים Airbnb

Real Estate Developers Have Turned This Historic Tel Aviv Neighborhood Into a Hotel Lobby

05.04.19|Ari Libsker
One of three apartments in Tel Aviv’s historic Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood now serves as a vacation rental
התנחלות התנחלויות יהודה ושומרון

Palestinian Landowners Sue Israeli Settlers Suing Airbnb

20.03.19|Adi Pick
In November, a group of 18 Americans filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Airbnb following the company's announcement that it will be removing approximately 200 listing in Israeli settlements from its service
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Airbnb Highlights Commitment to Israel Following Backlash Over Settlements Ban

05.03.19|Adi Pick
In November, Airbnb announced it will be removing “approximately 200 listings” in Jewish settlements in the West Bank from its service
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Airbnb Faces Sanctions in Texas Over Settlements Ban

04.03.19|Adi Pick
In November, Airbnb announced that it will be removing "approximately 200 listings" in Jewish settlements in the West Bank from its website
התנחלות התנחלויות יהודה ושומרון

Florida Governor Pledges Revenge Against Airbnb's Decision to Ban Israeli Settlements

18.01.19|Adi Pick
In November, Airbnb announced it will be removing “approximately 200 listings” in Israeli settlements in the West Bank from its service
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Tel Aviv Moves to Hike Municipal Tax for Airbnb Apartments

15.01.19|Nimrod Busso
The tax increase will be pushed back until after Tel Aviv hosts the Eurovision song competition in May, as many residents prepare to offer their homes on Airbnb to accommodate incoming tourists
בריאן צ'סקי מנכ"ל אר בי אנד בי Airbnb

Airbnb Contests Claims of Settlements Ban Reversal

18.12.18|Adi Pick
Airbnb released a statement Monday calling reports that it is reversing the ban “inaccurate”
מייק פנס

U.S. Vice President Slams Airbnb’s Settlements Ban, Misses Mark With Jerusalem Comment

02.12.18|Adi Pick
In contradiction to a part of the statement given by the U.S. vice president, Airbnb explicitly said in its announcement that it would not be removing listings in Jerusalem