20 stories about Cannabis
כנס קנאביס canabiz פרי דוידסון סאייקי מדיקל

Philip Morris acquiring Cannabis inhaler developer Syqe Medical for up to $650 million

18.07.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli company’s main product is a metered-dose inhaler for pain reduction treatment using medical cannabis
Yotam Hod Gynica 20

“Cannabis and women’s health have each been neglected for many, many years.”

Not everyone is willing to tackle one taboo subject in their work, but CEO and co-founder of Gynica, Yotam Hod, is combining two often stigmatized and neglected topics: cannabis and women’s health.

NovaGreen wants your pot to be clean and radiation-free

15.11.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Using cold plasma technology, the startup from Kibbutz Megido aims as high as it can. “We really feel like all eyes are on us,” said CEO and co-founder Ronen Lam
צ׳אד ברונשטיין אריק שני ואריסטוטל לומיס

Fyllo closes $40 million Series C for compliance platform for highly regulated industries

08.11.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup develops compliance, data and marketing solutions to enable companies in highly regulated sectors like cannabis to scale effectively
Cannabis Social Media

The first social media for cannabis patients launched

EcoCaNN was established by pharma company MediCane, which focuses on the R&D of medical cannabis-based pharmaceutical medicines
CanBreed Safe Room

CTech Meets: An inside look at Israel’s new Cannabis farm

02.05.21|James Spiro
CanBreed has opened the country’s largest cannabis trialing farm - and CTech was invited to take a look
צ׳אד ברונשטיין אריק שני ואריסטוטל לומיס

Fyllo raises $30 million to expand digital marketing and compliance solutions beyond cannabis industry

06.04.21|Meir Orbach
Some 60% of the funds raised in the Series B came from outside of the cannabis sector, validating the Israeli company's potential to scale beyond the endemic market
צוות RCK

Israeli cannabis genetic startup RCK signs multi-million dollar deal with Holland’s SeedTech

The seeds developed by RCK are aimed at enabling global mass production of medical cannabis and the development of new medications
רוני בן שפרוט

The Israeli cannabis industry needs only one thing: certainty

25.01.21|Dr. Ronni Benshafrut
If the Israeli legislator wishes to see the field of cannabis utilized to the fullest, local legislation needs to formulate a consistent, decisive, and clear policy which removes obstacles
צ׳אד ברונשטיין אריק שני ואריסטוטל לומיס

Fyllo acquires DataOwl to expand online marketing services for cannabis industry

20.01.21|Meir Orbach
DataOwl's marketing and loyalty solutions power more than 320 cannabis retailers

Cannabis genetics and seeds company CanBreed completes development of stable hybrid seeds

29.12.20|James Spiro
The news follows a recent purchase of a 3.5-acre hemp farm to help distribute 12.5 million seeds across the US
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launches index dedicated to cannabis

The new index includes nine companies that are "primarily engaged in the fields of research, cultivation, sale or production and marketing of medical cannabis products"
ענת כץ נספחת כלכלית ניו יורק וקנדה

Israeli tech companies have no more excuses to overlook Canada

12.12.20|Allon Sinai
Could Covid-19 end up being what finally unfreezes the dormant trade between Israel and Canada?
Ido Margalit CanBreed

CRISPR-patented cannabis company CanBreed purchases California hemp farm

01.12.20|James Spiro
The company, which develops technology for the production of stable and enhanced cannabis seeds will start U.S. marketing next year
StickIt device

Sticks and Stoned: Cannabiz startup StickIt turns regular cigarettes into spliffs

12.11.20|James Spiro
The toothpick-sized product slips into existing cigarettes to help amateur rollers microdose their marijuana
חוות גידול קנאביס חברת בטר 2

Agri-tech R&D partnership Smart Agro raises over $7.5 million in Tel Aviv IPO

29.10.20|Hezi Sternlicht
"Despite the challenging times, the IPO and the demand show that the Israeli public believes in Israeli agri-tech," said Smart Agro CEO Omri Rothman
חוות גידול קנאביס חברת בטר

Israeli cannabis company shares surge following temporary export approval

05.10.20|Tzali Greenberg
The Ministry of Health announced it will authorize the export of medical cannabis for the coming three months in an attempt to assist companies and lower prices for local patients
Ido Margalit CanBreed

CanBreed secures patent for editing medical cannabis seeds

02.09.20|James Spiro
The company wants to expedite its stable seeds enhancement for commercial purposes by using gene-editing technology, but still faces regulatory hurdles due to EU GMO ban on CRISPR technology
מואב ורדי

The public deserves a healthier healthcare industry

27.08.20|Moav Gafni
he coronavirus pandemic has called the FDA's bluff. The public now knows that when necessary, it is entirely possible to make significant shortcuts that save years of development and billions of dollars
אלחנן שקד מנכ"ל CANNABOTECH

Cannabotech wants to raise $6 million in Israel’s first crowdfunded share issuance

Developer of medical solutions based on botanical combinations of cannabis extracts and fungi is planning to become a public, non-traded startup company