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The entrepreneurs receive grants from the Bank and Doral Group on the Climate & Energy Track Day

Planning for a Greener Future

07.05.23|Sponsored Content
Bank Hapoalim is in partnership with Doral Energy-Tech Ventures group, supports Israeli climate-tech startups
Eshkol filter facility

Managing limited water resources with unlimited solutions

07.05.23|Sponsored Content
Mekorot is not only applying its learnings to solve water issues within Israel but in neighbouring and far-off countries like Jordan and Argentina as well
 Dr. Ruth Dagan

Israel: The Climatech Nation

07.05.23|Sponsored Content
Israel has pledged as a matter of national policy, to promote its climatech capabilities worldwide and essentially become a “Climatech Nation”
Environmental responsibility conference CTech Saar Safra

“As the bee population dwindles, climate change will become even worse"

30.04.23|Ariela Karmel
Saar Safra, CEO and Co-Founder of Beewise, talked to CTech at the Food Waste and Sustainability conference in Tel Aviv about why saving the bees is imperative to saving the planet
CTech Mind The Tech London Roee Furman

Doral Energy-Tech Ventures: "We are thrilled to make investments with Saudi Arabia's Aramco"

Roee Furman, Managing Director of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures spoke with CTech during the Mind the Tech London conference
The Movement meetup

Nine startups selected for “Reach Net Zero” mission

The program was initiated by the Movement led by Good Company VC and its partners AB InBev, Continental, Ashtrom and Bridges Israel, LeumiTech, KPMG Israel and BCLP
קרחון צף גרינלנד איכות סביבה

Israeli startup raises $10 million for CO2 capture solution

RepAir Carbon has attracted investments from the likes of Shell and Equinor for its Direct Air Capture technology to remove CO2
Ido Nir Good Company

Israeli companies and global giants join forces to “reach net zero”

27.10.22|James Spiro
The mission was announced by The Movement by Good Company together with AB InBev, Continental, Ashtrom, Bridges Israel, SAP, KPMG, BCLP, and LeumiTech
Dikla Wagner, Head of Tech Scouting for Munich Re in Israel

Natural disasters are increasing - time to leverage the potential of tech for insurance

07.08.22|Dikla Wagner
Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing issues, and its serious effects are felt globally. For the insurance industry, advanced technology will be essential to adapt to and mitigate climate risks
מימין קארין אלהרר תמר זנדברג ו אורית פרקש הכהן

Israeli government earmarks almost $900 million for climatech development

27.06.22|Yuval Azulay
The goal of the program is to double the number of climatech start-up companies from 55 in 2021 to 110 companies by 2026, and to establish 10 Israeli venture capital funds that specialize in the field by 2026, compared to only one such fund at present
אורית מרום-אלבק

"Achieving net zero carbon emissions is possible"

03.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
Capital Nature, a female-run cleantech investment firm, is finding answers to fighting the climate crisis by investing in renewable energy startups
כנס ענן 2022 בתאל וולנטיין בלאיש, BeeHero  CBO וידאו

"Saving the bees is nothing short of a challenge to save humankind"

02.05.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
“Bees are the center of humankind’s food supply, and they’re dying,” said Batel Vallentine Blaish-Sultanik, the CBO of BeeHero during Calcalist’s Cloud and Data conference

Beewise raises $80 million Series C, including from Abu Dhabi investment fund

30.03.22|Meir Orbach
The climatech startup is on a mission to save the bees, and has raised over $120 million to date
אריאלה צ'רני ו ג'ק אמסלם

“We want humanity to use carbon measurements as currency”

11.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
Albo Climate aims to reduce carbon emission through its satellite radar platform by monitoring fluctuating carbon rates, and wants to reward sustainable farming through financial credits
יונתן בן ארצי שותף ומייסד קרן Firstime

Firstime announces $100 million climate-tech fund, backed by Jonathan Kolber

01.11.21|Meir Orbach
The new fund has already made two inaugural investments, firstly in BeeHero, the precision agriculture and pollination company, and in digital healthcare and diabetes management company Hygieia