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המייסדים של 4M

“Our vision is to create the first map product to access the world below us”

24.06.22|Yafit Ovadia
Startup 4M Analytics is using a combination of satellite and other data to map underground infrastructure to assist linear construction companies
מימין: מייסדי בילדוטס אביב לייבוביץ׳, יקיר סודרי ורועי דנון

Buildots raises $60 million for construction process AI solution

17.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli construction tech startup has developed a technological solution that continuously compares the situation at the construction site with construction plans and project schedules
צוות SiteAwere

SiteAware closes $15 million Series B to streamline construction

26.01.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s purpose-built digital twinning technology verifies each installed element against the building plans in real time
עדיטל אלה

Eco-friendly construction: how one startup is building a recyclable future

17.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
Criaterra Innovations creates sustainable building materials to build office and residential buildings that can be recycled and reused
Versatile co-founders Ran Oren, Danny Herman Meirav Oren Barak Cohen

Smart construction startup Versatile closes $80 million Series B

14.09.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company's leading product, CraneView, analyzes thousands of data points to deliver insights on jobsite performance to streamline decision-making
מימין: מייסדי בילדוטס אביב לייבוביץ׳, יקיר סודרי ורועי דנון

Buildots raises $30 million for construction site AI camera tech

04.08.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s algorithms automatically validate images captured by hardhat-mounted 360° cameras, detecting any gaps between the original design, scheduling and the reality on the site
שחר לוי ואסף הראל לוקוסוויו Locusview

Locusview raises $64 million series A to accelerate growth of DCM platform

28.04.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup has managed within two years of the launch of its first product to integrate it in over 20 of the biggest energy infrastructure companies in the U.S.
פרוייקטים של בנייה חדשה ב צפון תל אביב

Israel launches first virtual real estate fair

Blue-and-white real estate event kicks off online during Passover holiday, visitors can “virtually” tour homes
Ron Zass, Michael Sasson, Shalom Bellaish

The Waze of construction? Constru helps real-estate developers with their time and money

12.10.20|James Spiro
The Israeli startup uses computer vision to track and monitor construction projects, but the CEO admits that could replace ‘thousands of engineers’ in the future
מימין: מייסדי SiteAware אורי אפק ו זאב בראודה

SiteAware announces $10 million round A to promote AI construction solution

08.10.20|Hagar Ravet
The Israeli company has developed a standard it has named digital construction verification (DCV) that verifies completeness of work on building sites and identifies deviations in real-time
ConTech Stern Building

ConTech: Laying the foundations for the future of construction

30.09.20|James Spiro
Construction Technology might not be the biggest buzzword in the startup ecosystem, but ConTech has the potential to rise like other sectors such as Medtech, Edtech, or Proptech
הדמיית מגדל אינפיניטי פארק רעננה

Office space market crunch forces construction companies to get creative

07.09.20|Shlomit Tsur
Israeli construction firms Reit 1 and Saan Zahav are investing $32 million in converting a basement in a Ra'anana tower into a server farm following Amdocs departure
מייסדי Buildots בילדוטס מימין יקיר סודרי רועי דנון ו אביב ליבוביץ'

Buildots raises $12.5 million to expand construction tech innovation

30.07.20|Hagar Ravet
The startup develops technology that allows construction companies to keep a close eye on the processes at a construction site with computer vision and artificial intelligence
חברת Stoa מימין תום סלע סמנכ״ל תפעול יונתן סרגוסי סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיה אור אגסי מנכ"ל

Stoa Raises $60 Million in Credit, $4 Million in Equity

27.01.20|Meir Orbach
The Tel Aviv-based startup develops a unified service for U.S. renovators, subcontractors, and buyers
מייסדי בילדאפ אורן כהן ויעל שרמן

Construction Site App Developer Buildup On Brink of Shutting Down

12.12.19|Meir Orbach
Buildup develops a mobile and web-based app that facilitates communication among project managers, contractors, and other construction site personnel
Civdrone רחפן אתר בניה

New York-Based Firm FfVC Backs Construction Site Marking Drone Startup Civdrone

26.08.19|Tofi Stoler
Civdorne develops a device that can be mounted on commercially available drones for land surveying and marking on construction sites
Versatile Natures מימין ברק כהן רן אורן מירב אורן דני הרמן

Bosch Backs Tel Aviv Construction Site Analytics Startup Versatile Natures

Versatile Natures develops an internet-of-things (IoT) system that provides an overview of construction sites and offers actionable insights to increase efficiency and avoid wasteful or non-optimal use of resources and tools
מרינה הרצליה

Israeli Environmental Organizations Battle Against Plan for Five New Marinas

14.06.19|Ofer Petersburg
4,800 new docking spots are planned across Israel to solve the current lack of space for private marine vehicles, but environmental organizations are claiming only a small group will benefit at the expense of the animals, the beaches, and the public
רחפן של Civdrone סיבדרון שותל יתד אתר בנייה

This Startup Makes Drones That Drive Stakes Into the Ground

15.11.18|Tofi Stoler
Israel-based Civdrone develops a device that turns commercially available drones into land surveying, measuring, and marking machines for construction sites