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IO River founders

IO River raises $5.4 million Seed round to optimize Internet content delivery

The Israeli startup’s platform for managing multiple edge platforms ensures that users get the fastest, most cost-effective content served automatically by the optimal edge locations
Gili Roee Artlist

Artlist appoints new CTO and CPO

21.08.23|James Spiro
Gili Brandshtein will serve as Chief Technology Officer and Roee Peled has become Chief Product Officer, with both joining from 888 Holdings
רן פינקלשטיין

A wake-up call to content creators: TikTok banned in Montana

28.05.23|Ran Finkelstein
"While the full effects of the Montana ban remain uncertain, it serves as a reminder of the evolving challenges that creators face and offers a glimpse into potential changes in the digital landscape," writes Ran Finkelstein
Dan Brahmy 20

“We really are trying to make the world a more transparent and genuine place.”

A lack of transparency around content online affects every person every day, says Dan Brahmy, co-founder and CEO of Cyabra.
Yael Fainaro Synamedia 20

“Content owners want a direct relationship with the consumers.”

There is an ecosystem of people who helped create online content and are counting on revenues, reminds Yael Fainaro, CEO of the Israeli R&D Center and SVP security at Synamedia
Yaffa Abadi F2 Venture Capital

The lonely but critical existence of the VC content marketer

09.01.22|Yaffa Abadi
A highly competitive market, vague KPIs, and the road less traveled
עמית אשכנזי אסף יניב אורית בר ניב

Artlist boosts executive team with new round of appointments

The creative technology company, which offers content creators powerful video and image editing software, has named Amit Ashkenazi as Chief Strategy Officer, Orit Bar-Niv as Head of Motion Array and Asaf Yaniv as Head of Footage
Shachar Orren EX.CO

EX.CO appoints Shachar Orren as Co-Founder

13.10.21|James Spiro
Orren will serve alongside Founder and CEO Tom Pachys to focus on global marketing and strategic efforts
ירון גלאי אאוטבריין

Israeli online content distribution company Outbrain closing in on Wall Street IPO

21.04.21|Sophie Shulman
Outbrain was headed to a merger with fellow Israeli content company Taboola last year, but the deal fell through and now both are going public, with Taboola recently announcing a SPAC merger at a $2.6 billion valuation
משחק NBA בקליפורניה מרץ 2021

What is it really like to work with the NBA?

18.04.21|Ouriel Daskal
Very challenging, but a dream come true, according to Daniel Shichman, CEO of Israeli company WSC Sports, which provides a proprietary AI technology platform that automates the creation of short-form sports content
יעל פניארו Yael Fainaro SVP security at Synamedia

Content streaming model can’t hold water, the future is bundles, says Synamedia exec

25.09.20|Allon Sinai
"At the end of the day everybody wants a bundle. We believe that the ones that will be the winners will be the ones with the infrastructure," says Yael Fainaro, SVP security
רוברט כהן קרן בנסון אוק

Celebrity content platform KRE8.TV raises over $1 million seed round led by Benson Oak Ventures

KRE8.TV's platform allows users to order custom made video content from their favorite creators, who can register for the application for free and have the freedom to charge as much as they choose
ועידה כלכלית לאומית 2019 אמי פלמור מנכ"לית משרד המשפטים

Facebook Won’t Fudge Content Oversight, Says Israeli Legal Expert

07.05.20|Omer Kabir
Emi Palmor, former director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Justice, was recently appointed as one of the 20 founding members of Facebook's Oversight Board
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים 11.5.16 אדם סינגולדה טבולה

The Merged Taboola-Outbrain Wants to Take on Facebook and Google

03.10.19|Meir Orbach
The industry’s two largest content distribution companies have announced a merger agreement Thursday
מימין ירון גלאי מנכ"ל אאוטבריין ו אדם סינגולדה מנכ"ל טאבולה

Viral Content Companies Taboola and Outbrain to Merge

03.10.19|Golan Hazani
Taboola has agreed to pay Outbrain shareholders $250 million and will hold a 70% stake in the merged company, which will be led by Taboola founder and CEO Adam Singolda
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים 11.5.16 אדם סינגולדה טבולה

Content Discovery Company Taboola to Set Up Jerusalem R&D Center

15.09.19|Meir Orbach
Initially, Taboola intends to hire a few dozen people for its new center, who will develop algorithms and products independently but also collaborate closely with the company’s Ramat Gan development center, according to founder and CEO Adam Singolda
נבחרת אנגליה ב כדורגל חוגגת מונדיאל 2018

Eurosport Partners With Content Distribution Company Outbrain

17.01.19|Adi Pick
As part of the agreement, Eurosport will utilize Outbrain’s content discovery feed in 13 markets globally, including Australia, the U.K. and Germany
Nas Daily נאס נס דיילי

Nas Daily’s Next Adventure: Building a Viral Video Empire

16.11.18|Adi Pick
Three years ago, Nuseir Yassin decided to quit his high-paying tech job to travel the world and create daily one-minute videos
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים 11.5.16 אדם סינגולדה טבולה

Taboola Partners on News Offering With Ridesharing Company Via

15.11.18|Lilach Baumer
The content recommendation company will offer its content on Via’s app. Earlier this year, Taboola announced content-related partnerships with Chinese mobile device manufacturers Vivo and ZTE
איתן גלאי ממייסדי Outbrain ועידת המובייל 2017

Content Distribution Company Outbrain Appoints New Chief Revenue Officer

21.10.18|Adi Pick
Eitan Galai, Outbrain’s senior vice president, was promoted to chief revenue officer and will be managing the company's global business activity