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הייטק היי-טק היי טק השקעות גיוס הון הנפקה אקזיט כסף דולרים מחשב מחשבים

Full list of Israeli startup M&As in 2023

Israeli high-tech companies remain a sought-after commodity despite the crisis in the market

Five enterprise browsers and extensions to protect your security online

07.08.22|James Spiro
The space for protecting user privacy and safety is becoming more crowded, with hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in new companies from Israel
Therapy Tech

7 Israeli startups that are helping to keep us sane

24.09.20|James Spiro
Lonely lockdowns, deadly viruses, economic collapse - it’s no wonder mental health apps are on the rise
רובוט עבודה Robot Jobs

Labor Day with no labor: 10 jobs that are going extinct due to tech innovation

07.09.20|James Spiro
While technological advancements can make our lives better, it’s putting some workers at risk - let’s take a look at who might be saying goodbye to their jobs in the future
מאנטיס מנטיס ויז'ן mantis vision גיוסים צילום תלת-ממד סלולר נעליים

10 Israeli companies banking on 5G success

There are currently over 25 companies in Israel working on 5G related tech, from giants like Intel to small early-stage startups
מימין שי וינינגר ו  דניאל שרייבר מייסדי Lemonade למונייד

Five Israeli companies recognized in annual Disruptor 50 list

Neteera, Lemonade,, SentinalOne and K Health all featured by CNBC among world's leading startups
שכר כסף שטרות שקל שקלים תשלום משכורת השקעה

6 Startups to Help You Pay Your Bills

These Israeli startups can help relieve some of the headaches from one of the most hated parts of running your small business — payments
עבודה מהבית וידאו

From Team Management to Company App Development: 6 Startups That Make Working From Home Easier

30.03.20|Adi Pick
As living rooms across the world become makeshift offices, these Israeli startups can give your remote work processes the boost they need
ריצה חום לרוץ רץ קיץ פנאי

These Home Workout Startups Will Keep You in Shape Even During a Global Lockdown

27.03.20|Adi Pick
Below are six Israel-based startups offering online workout tools that can help prevent your transition from gym rat to couch potato during the Covid-19 crisis
בית חולים שדה לטיפול ב חולי קורונה ב איטליה

The Israeli Inventions That Lessen The Healthcare System’s Burden

23.03.20|Hagar Ravet
Israeli innovation has been enlisted in the battle against Covid-19. Here are six technological inventions helping health personnel in their fight against the pandemic
אישה מחשב נתונים בזק

Quarantined? These 6 Startups Will Help You Keep Up With Your Studies From Home

12.03.20|Elham Nasser Edin and Adi Pick
With the rapid global spread of coronavirus, making the classroom feel more like a petri dish, these Israel-linked startups offer solutions for remote learning
קורונה וירוס חיטוי באוטובוס של חברת דן תחבורה ציבורית

Coronavirus: Five Reasons for Optimism

10.03.20|Adi Barak and Tamar Tunik
Covid-19 has already spread to 115 countries and territories around the world, but not everything is bleak. Compared to the 2008 crisis, the financial system is more stable; compared to SARS, medical technology is more advanced
סניף סופר של קו אופ בגבעתיים

Your Grocery Run, Reimagined

05.03.20|Adi Pick
From no-checkout supermarkets to groceries delivered by drones, below are seven Israel-linked startups making the way we buy our everyday goods just a little easier
מילאן נגד אודינזה סריה A כדורגל איטלקי

Seven Israeli Startups Changing the Game in Sports Tech

03.03.20|Adi Pick
From basketball hoop sensors to athletes' shoe sensors, here are seven Israeli startups changing the sports tech arena
אשה יפנית הריון

7 Startups You Can Expect Help From When You're Expecting

28.02.20|Adi Pick
From an app providing nutritional recommendations during pregnancy to an at-home ultrasound device, below are seven startups trying to make pregnancy just a little bit easier
גיימינג גיימרים גיימרית משחקי וידאו

7 Startups To Level Up Your Gaming Game

21.02.20|Elham Nasser Eddin
From playing against your favorite streamer to hanging out with friends within a video game, these technologies promise to enhance your gaming experience
אוכל טאקו טבעוני טעים

8 Startups Dishing Out Vegan Alternatives

17.02.20|Adi Pick
From cellulose hamburgers and plant-based eggs to cryptocurrency, below are Israel-linked startups developing vegan alternatives for everyday products
רעידת אדמה ניו זילנד 1

8 Startups to Call In Case of an Emergency

07.02.20|Adi Pick
From a mass notification system to a toilet that converts human waste into cooking fuel, these eight Israeli startups are here to help when disaster strikes
גבר חולה שיעול

An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: 8 At-Home Health Monitoring Startups

30.01.20|Elham Nasser Eddin
Imagine a technology that can predict your next asthma attack a day before it occurs or detect a disease before you exhibit any symptoms. These eight companies are looking to turn your smartphone into a personal physician
תל אביב יקרה מגדלי עזריאלי הקרייה

Israel Slips in Bloomberg’s 2020 Innovation Index

20.01.20|Adi Pick
The annual list takes into account parameters such as spending on research and development, manufacturing capabilities, and concentration of public tech companies