Tel Aviv.

Full list of Israeli high-tech funding rounds in 2023

The financial crisis is taking its toll on Israeli high-tech, but numerous startups are still managing to raise funding for their innovative ventures

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תל אביב משרדים שרונה מגדלי עזריאלי
תל אביב משרדים שרונה מגדלי עזריאלי
Tel Aviv.
(Photo: Bloomberg)
The Israeli startup’s platform bypasses standard recovery protocols and allows critical infrastructure operators and industrial enterprises to recover from attacks and any malfunction within only 30 seconds
The Israeli startup’s platform bypasses standard recovery protocols and allows critical infrastructure operators and industrial enterprises to recover from attacks and any malfunction within only 30 seconds
The funding, which comes just 10 months after the company’s launch from stealth, will enable Guardz to expand its holistic platform for MSPs to seamlessly manage small business cybersecurity.
The Israeli startup developed a fully automated SaaS platform that learns all network traffic and creates granular security policies that restrict user and machine access to only strictly necessary assets
The Israeli startup has developed AI-based software that detects abnormalities in the cognitive state of drivers and passengers
The Israeli company, which makes money by charging a percentage fee to financial advisors who use its platform, said that its annual revenue has quadrupled since 2021
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מימין: אלון לביא ודור אייזנר
מימין: אלון לביא ודור אייזנר
Guardz co-founders.
(Photo: Doron Letzter)
The Israeli company, which makes money by charging a percentage fee to financial advisors who use its platform, said that its annual revenue has quadrupled since 2021
Leveraging advanced algorithms, Sensorz can detect and alert in real time on critical events that affect the quality of wireless networks
Over the past two years, the company’s vision has sharpened around its MineOS B2B platform and its aim to provide companies with One Source of Truth for Data inside the organization, which systems and assets they have and what data they keep inside
The Israeli-founded startup unveiled earlier this year the VAST Data Platform, a global data infrastructure offering, unifying storage, database and virtualized compute engine services in a scalable system that was built from the ground up for AI
The Israeli company, which provides safety-driven verification and validation (V&V) solutions for Automated Driving Systems and ADAS, took its Series C to $85 million
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Mine team
Mine team
Mine team.
(Ohad Dayan)
The company’s embedded spend management infrastructure for B2B platforms provides the building blocks to launch within days, including underwriting, risk, capital, embeddable UI and APIs
The funding will be used for R&D, customer growth and team expansion to further accelerate the company's global presence after reaching $2 million annual recurring revenue within 8 months
The Israeli startup provides cybersecurity for Large Language Models (LLMs), safeguarding against threats across all LLM touchpoints
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צוות Lasso Security
צוות Lasso Security
Lasso Security team.
(Photo: Sharon Gadasi)
The funding is the second part of the startup’s B round which began in 2021, and raised $21 million, totaling $55 million to date
The company raised an initial $7.5 million earlier this year and has welcomed new investors to help expand its reach from banks to broader financial institutions such as insurance
Founded in 2022, Refine Intelligence helps financial institutions to identify customers' life stories and distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activity
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עומר שלומוביץ מנכל וממייסדי Ingonyama
עומר שלומוביץ מנכל וממייסדי Ingonyama
Ingoyama CEO.
(Photo: Roei Shur)
Gartner researchers found a 94% adoption rate of third-party APIs - and the company is here to help manage them
The round was led by Walden Catalyst, one of AI21 Lab’s lead investors, and included VC funds Geometry, and Blue Yard Capital, among others
In 2023, Eleos Health platforms analyzed approximately 3 million minutes of various mental therapy sessions, aiming to reduce documentation times and provide valuable insights to therapists
Since the SolarWinds attack in 2018, supply chain attacks have seen a 740% increase
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Alon Huri, Guy Goldstein and Nissim Tapiro
Alon Huri, Guy Goldstein and Nissim Tapiro
Alon Huri, Guy Goldstein and Nissim Tapiro of Next Insurance.
(Credit: Next Insurance)
The latest funding round is the largest in the company's history and brings the total amount raised by Next to approximately $1.1 billion since its founding
The company leverages generative AI that allows anyone create, edit, and share video how-to guides for any software or process
The company, which develops a secure enterprise browser, has sold over 2 million browsers to customers
The Israeli startup detects hidden signals in clinical data and extracts actionable insights for planning the next steps.
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Blockaid founders
Blockaid founders
Blockaid founders.
The Israeli startup’s platform ingests vast amounts of data collected from scanning, simulating, and validating dApps and transactions across the web.
“We heard this week that ‘In unstable times you want to invest in the most resilient people’, and we hope that sharing this news instills optimism amongst our peers in the Israeli tech community and our people,” the company said
The company, co-founded by Yogev Debbi, Roy Nevo, Avi Schroeder, and Kira Radinsky, unveiled its AI-based lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery platform to accelerate the development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and vaccines.
The foodtech startup has developed technology to form a 3D filet structure using bluefin tuna cells, differentiated into both muscle and fat tissues
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Wanda Fish team
Wanda Fish team
Wanda Fish team.
(Chen Galili)
The platform aims to eliminate the need for conventional high-cost models and financial advisors and make wealth management accessible and understandable
According to the company, across ten consecutive profitable quarters, Lendbuzz’s revenue increased 135% in 2022, and over 80% in the first half of 2023, exceeding $200 million of annual revenue run-rate
“Our mission is simple yet transformative – to level the playing field for optimizing Kubernetes costs and performance,” said Amir Banet, Co-founder and CEO
Stampli is a complete AP automation platform that brings together accounts payable communications, documentation, and payments
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האחים אייל ועופר פלדמן, מייסדי סטמפלי
האחים אייל ועופר פלדמן, מייסדי סטמפלי
Stampli co-founders.
(Photo: Stampli)
The Israeli startup has developed a platform that safeguards corporate finance teams from payment scams to prevent financial loss
The Israeli startup’s platform provides companies with insights into their cloud and IT environments
The platform looks for regressions, anomalies, code smells, and other patterns to flag to developers to improve their code
The Israeli startup is building a confidential smart contract platform using fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), a novel cryptographic scheme that enables direct computation over encrypted data without ever revealing the underlying data
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Cydome founders
Cydome founders
Cydome founders.
The Israeli startup’s cyber risk management solution is designed and built specifically to address maritime needs. It covers asset, vessel and fleet visibility and real-time protection, along with regulation compliance
"We raised funds opportunistically because successful companies can turn market constraints into opportunities,” said CEO Ronni Zehavi, who also noted that the company is ready for an IPO
Cato’s largest financing round to date brings total funding to $773 million, underscoring investor confidence in the fast-growing single-vendor SASE market
The Israeli startup’s platform leverages generative AI to sift through publicly available information, such as consumer complaints, administrative documents, SEC filings and more, and connect relevant data points to detect legal violations, predict their outcomes and assess their financial impact
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גילה חייט ו אביתר בן ארצי מייסדי דארו  Darrow
גילה חייט ו אביתר בן ארצי מייסדי דארו  Darrow
Darrow co-founders.
(Photo: Liat Shalit)
Port’s developer portal allows users to define their own data models of the software catalog and unify metadata that exists in silos all over the tech-stack
The Israeli startup converts residual household waste diverted from landfills or incineration, including all organics, into an advanced thermoplastic material that is both climate-positive and highly recyclable
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Tamnoon team
Tamnoon team
Tamnoon team.
(Helena Holmes)
The Israeli startup’s optical fiber sensing technology offers power transmission operators improved ways to manage their grids
The Israeli startup’s AI-augmented managed service combines human expertise with technology to help teams quickly and safely remediate their cloud risks
The Israeli startup’s platform allows organizations leveraging low-code/no-code platforms to promote development in a secure and compliant way while mitigating the risks
By utilizing the massive and parallel processing capabilities of GPUs, SQream’s solution allows companies to process extremely large and complex datasets faster, more cost-efficiently, and with a smaller carbon footprint
The Israeli startup's network spans across all continents and offers localized connectivity in a streamlined manner
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Scala Biodesign
Scala Biodesign
Scala Biodesign.
(Photo: Omer HaCohen)
By fusing physics-based modeling, AI, and biological data analysis, Scala helps companies develop new medicines and foods faster and cheaper than before
The Israeli startup’s platform provides health systems and diagnostic laboratories with an integrated solution for cancer diagnosis and biomarker scoring, capable of detecting more than 100 different cancer and non-cancer pathologies
The Israeli startup’s platform takes on the role of a hacker, employing human logic to generate attacks and eliminate vulnerabilities before they become exposed
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Pynt team
Pynt team
Pynt team.
(Idan Marzouk)
The Israeli startup’s cloud-based transaction monitoring and screening solution uses AI technology to monitor financial transactions and allow the flow of funds across the world by establishing trusted transactions
The Israeli company, founded by Amiram Shachar and his founding partners from Spot, which was sold to NetApp for $450 million, took its total funding to $80 million in less than a year
The Israeli startup provides a product data enrichment, categorization, and insights platform for retailers and brands
The Israeli startup’s AI platform predicts efficacy and safety of clinical trials to try and optimize trial design, and identify key response population
The Israeli startup, founded by Prof. Amnon Shashua, Prof. Yoav Shoham, and Ori Goshen, earned unicorn status thanks to its text-based generative AI services for enterprises. Investors include Google, Nvidia, and co-founder Prof. Amnon Shashua
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Dor Skuler ElliQ2 Robotics
Dor Skuler ElliQ2 Robotics
Dor Skuler.
(Photo: Intuition Robotics)
The round will help it continue the development of ElliQ, its AI companion for the elderly to promote social interactions
The GRC platform combines SaaS architecture and advanced analysis and correlation engines, GenAI, and NLP-based automation, and provides coverage across all security frameworks and IT environments, including cloud-based and on-premises systems
"There are companies that previously secured funding based on unicorn valuations with our level of revenue," said CEO Lior Yaari
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מייסדי Grip ליאור יערי אלון שנקלר עידן פסט
מייסדי Grip ליאור יערי אלון שנקלר עידן פסט
Grip Security co-founders.
(Photo: Eric Sultan)
The companies did not disclose the size of the investment, but it is estimated at between $5-10 million
“Nobody wants to be the next Meta, letting application misconfiguration cause a 6-hour outage that costs $6 billion”
The Israeli startup has developed AI- and IoT-based solutions for managing water and mitigating water damage throughout a building’s lifecycle
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צוות Sweet Security
צוות Sweet Security
Sweet Security team.
(Photo: Ben Itzhaki)
Sweet Security was founded by retired Brigadier General, Dror Kashti, former CISO of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), retired Colonel, Eyal Fisher, former head of the Cyber Department at Unit 8200 and Orel Ben-Ishay, former Head of the Cybersecurity R&D center at Unit 81
“Hacking into smart contracts is one of the best returns on investment for leading hacking groups - to change that equation, an innovative, effective, and robust layer of protection is required,” said Eyal Meron, co-founder and CEO
The Israeli company’s Home Smart Clinic is an FDA-cleared device with AI-powered guidance and diagnostic support that enables families to conduct remote physical exams with a doctor
“Our approach with Gomboc is to use AI to provide context-aware remediations immediately and present the solution to DevOps teams to approve,” said Ian Amit, Co-Founder and CEO
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IVIX team
IVIX team
IVIX team.
(Doron Letzter)
The Israeli startup’s AI-powered technology helps tax authorities in the U.S., Europe and Asia identify large-scale tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes
As well as providing 40Seas with a $100 million credit facility, container liner shipping company ZIM has also expanded its strategic partnership with the company
The startup’s platform enables security and operations stakeholders to collaboratively align finding risk with fixing risk - enhancing enterprise security and compliance posture, and centralizing visibility into risk resolution status
The founders include serial entrepreneurs who sold companies to Twitter, VMWare and IBM, and past executives from Sony Pictures and Warner Bros
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Voia team
Voia team
Voia team.
The Israeli startup has developed a product that assesses the safety of financial transactions, warns against suspected fraud in real-time, and identifies potential flaws in the process that may result from human error
The Israeli startup has developed a search engine powered by generative AI to answer questions about the state of an organization’s security posture, without the need for forensics or SIEM expertise
The processor market for data centers is currently estimated at $110 billion and the company has filed three patent applications so far
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Cyclops co-founders
Cyclops co-founders
Cyclops co-founders.
(David Garb)
The Israeli startup’s technology combines sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with high light concentrations at industrial scales to produce a protein that will be incorporated by food manufacturers into plant-based products
The financial giant is already a client of the Israeli startup, and this deal is part of a strategic agreement between the two companies to integrate the cyber company's technology into Blackstone's operations
The Israeli startup’s platform leverages artificial intelligence to locate, access, and analyze critical data scattered across an organization - and help solve business challenges in real-time
By using water as a source of protons instead of fossil fuels, the Israeli startup’s technology reduces the activation energy needed to combine nitrogen with hydrogen
The Israeli startup's platform allows individuals with no programming knowledge or access to programmers to independently develop end-to-end complex applications by verbally describing their ideas to the computer
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Spiritt co-founders
Spiritt co-founders
Spiritt co-founders.
(Omer Hacohen)
The language unifies cloud infrastructure and application code into a single programming model that works across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, serverless, and more
The startup, which was valued at $1.4 billion in 2021, has developed a platform that uses AI to combine professional medical knowledge with patient clinical data, providing doctors and users with information about the diagnoses and treatments of others with similar symptoms and conditions
The startup is developing an integrated operating system for banks that is meant to provide them with visibility into one another’s portfolios
The company helps technology vendors fulfill their security requirements when responding to security questionnaires for each prospect
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Vendict Team
Vendict Team
Vendict team.
(Photo: Daniel Komemi Photography)
The Israeli startup’s platform reports real-time actionable insights and metrics to security teams, enabling them to identify high-risk areas and user risk profiling to pinpoint which roles and teams require more support
The startup’s platform for the hospitality industry enables hoteliers to optimize their inventory allocation, streamline operations, and increase revenue and margins
The Israeli startup's algorithms are based on big data and deep learning models that predict when flight tickets are at their lowest price
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עובדי חברת וונריקס Wenrix
עובדי חברת וונריקס Wenrix
Wenrix team.
(Photo: Yakir Shukrun)
The Israeli startup’s xvision Spine System allows surgeons to see patients’ anatomy as if they have “x-ray vision” and accurately navigate instruments and implants during spine procedures
“Space-grade computing solutions have become an essential foundation for the evolution of the space economy,” said CEO Avi Shabtai
The Israeli startup’s platform provides visibility into all non-human connections and identities, automatically detecting and remediating over-privileged, unnecessary, misbehaving and malicious app-to-app connections
Its core product is a message broker focused on the storage layer that hopes to take on the dominance of the combination of Kafka and Flink
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מוסף עצמאות 13.5.24 מייסדי חברת הסייבר Astrix Security אלון ג'קסון ו עידן גור
מוסף עצמאות 13.5.24 מייסדי חברת הסייבר Astrix Security אלון ג'קסון ו עידן גור
Astrix co-founders.
(Photo: Astrix)
The Israeli startup aims to digitize the backbone of transportation by reconfiguring signalized city intersections into one fully automated, cloud-connected hub
"While generative AI has immense potential to help people practice their language skills, not all AI is created equal,” said Roy Mor, CEO and Co-Founder
The Israeli startup’s intrinsic in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and the metaverse, aims to help advertisers reach audiences programmatically in a non-disruptive and engaging way
The Israeli company’s data security platform learns an enterprise’s unique data and business purpose using large language models to automatically discover, classify, and secure sensitive data
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עובדי LOORA
עובדי LOORA
Loora team.
(Photo: Loora)
The Israeli-founded startup’s MRI polarizers aim to provide faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment assessment
The Israeli company’s gravity-powered micro-irrigation system helps farmers irrigate more precisely and efficiently
The Israeli-founded company launched its second satellite on the SpaceX Transporter-8 last week as part of its plans to complete a constellation of more than 20 total satellites over the next two years
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NVision team
NVision team
NVision team.
The Israeli startup’s platform uses runtime intelligence to determine actual application risk
The Israeli startup, which provides autonomous inspection and monitoring solutions, has cut over 25% of its workforce over the past year
The Israeli startup’s platform helps retailers by synchronizing store management, online sales, and product assortment
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אריאל משרקי ורותם טמיר, מייסדי ARIGA
אריאל משרקי ורותם טמיר, מייסדי ARIGA
Ariga co-founders.
(Photo: Avi Haimovich)
The Israeli startup has developed a platform that characterizes a customer journey (follower) on websites and knows how to measure and reflect in real time the success of influencers and content creators
The Israeli startup’s platform enables software engineering teams to manage database schema changes in a faster and safer way
The Israeli startup is developing a no-code platform for AI-powered call center, web, and mobile solutions
The company has developed an autologous, point-of-care wound management solution that creates an in-vitro blood clot from patients’ own whole blood
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Faye team
Faye team
Faye team.
(Omer Hacohen)
Faye’s protection can cover travelers’ flights, hotels, health, luggage, and even their pets
The Israeli startup aims to address secret-based breaches by continuously monitoring and protecting secrets and programmatic access to cloud services and data
The Israeli startup’s solution streamlines the creation and management of architectural construction documents
The Israeli startup’s AI-enabled platform creates “Digital Twins” for vehicles throughout the supply chain and detects anomalies from the assembly line throughout the vehicle journey to the dealership and end customer
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Entro team
Entro team
Entro team.
(Nik Davids)
The company helps address the challenge of incorrectly labeled or broken images and videos that appear in data sets and affect AI models
The Israeli startup’s AI engine integrates medical care plans with social, emotional, and cultural factors to help care managers better support members' recovery and ongoing care
The Israeli startup's first project is @CoinScanDeFi, a platform for displaying trading information in real time and providing resources for traders to perform analysis and research
"We still have 60% of the money we raised in 2021, but we received excellent conditions to raise money and this opens up a lot of possibilities for acquisitions,” said Tipalti CEO Chen Amit
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יעל פלד ו אדם ויוני שטיין חברת לגונה הלת' Laguna Health
יעל פלד ו אדם ויוני שטיין חברת לגונה הלת' Laguna Health
Laguna Health co-foundesr.
(Photo: Yossi Alterman)
The Israeli startup offers vehicle-inspection systems based on AI, computer-vision and machine-learning technologies that detect vehicle damage and mechanical issues
The Israeli startup provides e-commerce businesses with bespoke funding plans that are optimized according to their supply chain and cash flow needs
The Israeli startup’s SaaS platform incorporates collaboration and permissions features so all parts of the business can work together to produce the most accurate budgets and financial forecasts
The company provides a supply chain management solution helping companies avoid disruptions and improve visibility
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מוסף חג העצמאות 25.4.23 חברת  UVEYE האחים אוהד  אמיר
מוסף חג העצמאות 25.4.23 חברת  UVEYE האחים אוהד  אמיר
UVeye co-founders.
(Photo: Yuval Chen)
Using an open API architecture, Novidea’s software platform enables brokers, agents, and MGAs to modernize and manage the customer insurance journey
The medtech startup is parting ways with around 70 employees despite receiving a fresh $50 million investment
The Israeli company’s device is a powerful heart pump that is initially folded, inserted through the groin using a small puncture, and expanded for activation inside the left ventricle
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פורטליקס Foretellix גיל אמיד יואב הולנדר זיו בנימיני
פורטליקס Foretellix גיל אמיד יואב הולנדר זיו בנימיני
(Photo: Dror Sithachel)
The Israeli startup develops safety-driven verification and validation solutions for ADAS
The Israeli startup is developing a network to streamline seller-buyer interactions and foster more effective collaboration across all stages of a deal's life cycle
ADASKY’s proprietary LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) sensors can help ADAS and other vision-based systems to operate more reliably in low light and in all-weather situations
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צוות פיינקון
צוות פיינקון
Pinecone team.
The Israeli startup has seen its valuation increase more than four-fold in one year
Its platform integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, works with tools such as G-Suite, Slack, and Jira, and ‘brings all work apps together’
By using Viridix's technology, farmers can save water, increase crop yields, improve crop quality, and ultimately boost profits
Neteera’s technology is designed to enable continuous monitoring of patients’ bio markers without the need for contact or patient involvement, streamlining patient monitoring, improving outcomes, and reducing the burden on clinical staff
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Amir Faintuch Jonathan Amit Volumez
Amir Faintuch Jonathan Amit Volumez
Amir Faintuch and Jonathan Amit of Volumez.
Volumez’s controller-less architecture composes direct Linux data paths between media and applications, helping companies convert knowledge into intelligence quickly and at scale
The Israeli startup’s platform helps companies to defend against malware, ransomware, phishing, data leakage, insider threats and bots across devices, users, and cloud applications
The Israeli startup’s agronomic farm management system synthesizes data from the earth and sky to offer advanced soil and crop intelligence and a suite of digital decision and planning tools
The $12 million extension from Dell Technologies Capital makes it one of the largest Seed rounds for Quantum Computing
The Israeli startup’s solution automates financial workflows for CFOs, accountants, and auditors to increase efficiency and prevent costly oversights
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Trullion Team
Trullion Team
Trullion team.
(Photo: Niv Kantor)
Led by Munich Re Ventures, this round will be used to grow Capitola’s platform with an emphasis on its market intelligence capabilities
The company helps e-commerce SMEs connect financial platforms into one dashboard to manage their finances more efficiently and help them grow their business
In the US alone, three workers die each day on the job in the construction industry, with injuries taking place roughly every three minutes
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Otterize Team
Otterize Team
Otterize team.
(Photo: Otterize)
Its platform connects analytics sources, operational applications, and communication tools to enable analytics and operations teams to offer hyper-personalized insight alerts to business stakeholders
Its open source and cloud product helps growing distributed workforces that demand more self-serve solutions and quick development without coordinating between client and server teams
The Israeli Algo Trading-based startup has developed an AI-powered pricing system, using reinforcement AI models to increase airline revenue by enabling High-Frequency Pricing
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Redefine team
Redefine team
Redefine team.
(Ben Itzhaki)
The new investment will make the Japanese conglomerate Cybereason’s leading shareholder
The company’s CI (continuous integration) platform aims to accelerate software development cycles and dramatically cut cloud expenses
The company plans to broaden its data coverage across more tech assets and help businesses gain a more holistic view of their tech stacks
PxE Holographic Imaging’s technology makes it possible to acquire a high-resolution color image combined with an infrared image and a pixel-level depth map in a single snapshot
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Jigso Team
Jigso Team
Jigso team.
(Photo: Nir Smithline)
The company's sensors are placed on the plants and their surroundings and send data to the cloud where it is determined how much water the plant actually needs to maximize growth
The Israeli startup developed a solution that aims to provide end-to-end identity attack surface management, risk reduction and identity threat prevention, detection, and response
The Israeli startup’s platform enables organizations with complex OT networks to integrate industrial IoT by reducing cyber risks and mitigating operational threats
Its Generative AI assistant helps cut the noise of apps, dashboards, texts, and emails, helping boost productivity for businesses
The env0 platform enables users and teams to collaborate and provide self-service cloud deployments
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Zorro Maya Guy
Zorro Maya Guy
Zorro co-founders.
(Photo: Hila Gvir)
The Israeli startup’s platform analyzes employers’ benefit objectives to create a top-down predictable budget and benefit allowance per employee or group of employees
The Israeli startup provides a streamlined process for hotels and other hospitality buyers to order everything from food and beverage to cleaning supplies
Backed by the likes of Shlomo Kramer, Backslash provides unified code and cloud-native security by correlating cloud context to code risk
The company has built a platform where hundreds of thousands of developers actively interact and collaborate
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daily dev founders
daily dev founders founders.
(Guy Anto)
The Israeli startup’s lactic acid and PLA bioplastic is made from 100% food waste, which is fermented using microorganisms that produce the lactic acid product, then separated via several purification steps
The Israeli startup aims to solve chronic inefficiencies across the supply chain using digital tools and data analysis
CodiumAI has developed an AI model, dubbed TestGPT, that interactively assists developers in testing their code
The fintech company planned to go public through a SPAC merger at a valuation of $10.3 billion, but the deal was ultimately canceled due to a protracted prospectus and regulatory process, and worsening market conditions
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Codium co-founders
Codium co-founders
Codium co-founders.
(Omer Hacohen)
The Israeli-founded startup, which has developed an AI-driven underwriting approach, has raised a total of $88 million over the past seven month
The size of the investment from Amazon’s Industrial Innovation Fund was not revealed, but is estimated to be several million dollars
The Israeli startup, which has built a proteomics AI-based platform that comprehensively maps the course of a disease on the protein level, aims to better predict which patients will respond to a given drug as well as discover novel drug targets that were missed by genomic approaches
The company faces competition from a slew of Israeli counterparts, including Wiz, Laminar, and Sentra
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צוות Mitiga
צוות Mitiga
Mitiga team.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
Assured Allies’ platform combines machine learning and predictive analytics to offer aging programs proven to reduce the risk of disability, and retirement products that aim to make long-term care insurance accessible and financially sustainable
The Israeli company’s technology allows users to quickly scan the vehicle using their smartphone camera and to create a detailed report about the vehicle's condition
The Israeli startup’s tech stack digitizes products like furniture and fashion using existing 2D images and AI, and creates a new 3D model, a digital twin of the physical object
The Israeli startup’s ML platform allows data science and ML engineering teams to continuously build, train, and deploy ML models and features to production at scale
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Qwak team
Qwak team
Qwak team.
(Stebeneva Maryana)
Gable’s portal allows employees to see where their coworkers are working that day and book a desk alongside them while the company can manage budgets and monitor employee satisfaction
The Israeli startup is the world's largest cybersecurity unicorn and fastest SaaS company to achieve a $10 billion valuation
The Israeli startup, which took its total funding to date to $115 million, aims to drive high-performance hardware for blockchain and privacy in data centers and clouds
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מייסדי Chain Reaction אורן יוקב ו אלון ובמן
מייסדי Chain Reaction אורן יוקב ו אלון ובמן
Chain Reaction co-founders.
(Photo: Kelly Levy)
The Israeli startup has developed a self-service platform that automates provisioning and establishes access governance across complex, highly dynamic, multi-cloud environments
The Israeli startup provides protocols with custom and automated economic security tooling that verifies a protocol's durability and stability in any market condition
The Israeli startup’s platform automates the entire payment lifecycle to improve visibility, lower the risk of losses, and reduce operational costs
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צוות  Descope צ
צוות  Descope צ
Descope team.
(Photo: Descope )
After selling their previous company to Palo Alto Networks for $560 million, the founders of the Israeli startup have developed a platform that enables developers to add authentication, user management, and authorization capabilities to consumer and business applications
The Israeli startup is developing a smart contract-based security solution that operates on-chain to automate threat detection and enable DeFi protocols, Web3 platforms, market makers, and cross-chain bridges to take action to stop hackers
The Israeli startup’s technology profiles the legitimate behavior of each library, creating a knowledge base of libraries’ profiles and alerting or blocking whenever a library activity is not as expected
The Israeli startup aims to offer commercial automotive insurance at lower rates by reducing the frequency and severity of traffic accidents
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עמרי סנדיק , יואב אורון , דן חרש מייסדי OpenEyes
עמרי סנדיק , יואב אורון , דן חרש מייסדי OpenEyes
OpenEyes co-founders.
(Photo: Tamar Almog)
The Israeli startup’s platform allows clinicians to make informed decisions on prescriptions based on multi-drug interactions, individual medical history, lifestyle, and other key patient-specific factors
The Israeli company, which maintained its valuation from its previous funding round in November 2021, ended 2022 with an annualized revenue run-rate of over $200 million
The Israeli startup’s technology enables the development of functional proteins for multiple meat replacements
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Wisor co-founders
Wisor co-founders
Wisor co-founders.
(Adi Lam)
The Israeli startup has developed a software solution tailored specifically to the needs of freight forwarders, automating both the manual process of aggregating pricing data as well as the optimization of shipping routes across the global freight ecosystem
NT-Tao aims to disrupt the global energy sector by engineering a compact and scalable nuclear fusion energy technology with the goal of achieving commercialization this decade
The Israeli startup offers a platform that leverages existing infrastructure and solutions while offering automated detection, investigation and response capabilities purposely-built for cloud environments
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צוות Gem Security
צוות Gem Security
Gem Security team.
(Photo: Adi Lam)
The company is building a SaaS platform for Web3 marketers to help teams reach audiences in the era of anonymous blockchain accounts
The Israeli startup’s solution is purpose-built to provide real-time cybersecurity protection for small companies, many of whom sit in high-risk industries possessing sensitive data
The Israeli startup deploys AI algorithms to analyze more than 44,000 public companies worldwide, generating research reports and detailed buy/sell/hold recommendations
Sentra, which took its total funding since its founding 18 months ago to $53 million, was co-founded by Asaf Kochan, the former Commander of Unit 8200, Yoav Regev, who headed Unit 8200’s Cyber Department under Kochan, Ron Reiter, and Yair Cohen
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Guardz team.
(Photo: Doron Letzter)
“The ability to produce dairy components from plants has the potential to change the dairy industry and positively impact the world as a whole," said Tal Lutzky, Co-Founder of Pigmentum
PayEm’s procurement and spend management platform offers smart procurement solutions, AP automation, expanse reimbursement and smart credit cards
The startup develops an application that sifts out the bad photos and shows recommendations for the good ones
The Israeli startup’s management system combines sensors and data analytics to help food brands, retailers, and foodservice to measure and manage the freshness of food in real time across the supply chain
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myInterview Amalia Bercot Benjamin Gillman
myInterview Amalia Bercot Benjamin Gillman
(Photo: Omer Messinger)
The Israeli company announced that its customer base has grown sharply over the past year, reaching more than 280 quantum computing facilities worldwide
The news comes at the same time the company announces the appointment of Amalia Bercot as co-CEO
The Israeli fintech-security startup enables corporations and banks to prevent fraud and ensure compliance in B2B payments
The Israeli startup has developed state-of-the-art voice and image recognition combined with advanced AI models to digitize, automate and streamline inspection processes
Its platform helps visualize, analyze, prioritize, and act on real-life triggers to help companies leverage the data collected by SaaS products and identify growth opportunities
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Coho AI Founders
Coho AI Founders
Coho AI Founders.
(Photo: Liron Wiseman)
The Israeli company has developed a sales optimization platform for tourism companies
The Israeli startup’s teleoperation software can remotely assist, guide, and even safely control fleets of autonomous vehicles and machines
The Israeli startup, which also received $100 million in credit from ZIM, offers flexible payment options that are aiming to disrupt legacy trade-financing solutions, and extend the accessibility of working capital for SME importers, exporters, freight forwarders and sourcing agencies
The Israeli startup has developed a high-performance solid-state scanning LiDAR sensor with no moving parts
First published: 14:38, 01.02.23