HR Post-Covid

20 stories about HR Post-Covid
רוני זהבי מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל היי-בוב ועידת לונדון 23.3.22

“We are never going back to working 5 days out of the office,” says HiBob CEO

27.03.22|Elihay Vidal
“In the future, work schedules will include only two to three days in the office and the rest will be WFH,” said Ronni Zehavi founder and CEO of HiBob
Orli Remez Codefresh

How do ‘Codefreshers’ settle into the job?

At Codefresh, special attention is made to new employees who may be starting their new adventures from home
Shlomit Semel ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo’s “one team one dream” culture shined bright in the pandemic

Going public during Covid-19 wasn’t easy, but the intelligence platform showed stability and courage to its employees at a time of uncertainty
Nili Valer Trigo

How did consumer behavior during Covid-19 impact Trigo?

The retail-tech and computer vision company operated in a space that remained open in lockdowns - here’s what that meant
Daniel Arbel Redis Labs

Redis Labs: From hiring freeze to Unicorn status, all in a pandemic year

After briefly pausing its recruitment efforts last year, the open-source database provider came back swinging after a massive funding round
Nili Tschelak Asperii

When given the choice, 70% of Asperii returned to the office after Covid-19

The company gave its employees the freedom to choose where they worked from - and received unexpected results
Erin Bronstein Agritask

With the majority of Israelis vaccinated, Agritask is ready to return to the office

It’s been a long year of social distancing and Zoom calls, but for the Israeli headquarters of the agtech company, things are finally looking up
Ilana Glotman FiledIn

Fieldin: “In times of a pandemic there is no one size fits all”

Balancing work and personal lives isn’t easy - and it’s only made more difficult during lockdowns
Shaked Mizrahi monday

Those “aha” moments are essential to our creativity, says

Working from home means you’re deprived of the spontaneous brainstorming that occurs at the watercooler
Jodi Yanovich GeoEdge

GeoEdge: “Our guiding principle has been to keep our employees safe and healthy”

HR professionals are usually in the middle between management and employees - and sometimes it’s a sticky situation
Gideon Rosenberg NVIDIA

What HR tools are NVIDIA using to hire 600 Israelis?

The computing and AI company is about to increase its employee headcount by 25%
Ariela Bichler Elementor אריאלה ביכלר

During Covid-19, Elementor helps web creators be “the superheroes of the present”

When the whole world moved online, it was the e-commerce and online education sectors that were revolutionized - and Elementor was there for them
Nurit Carmel Cadence

Covid-19 has made office interactions more formal, Cadence has found

Popping into someone’s office is not the same as carefully drafting an email, which makes communication that much more difficult
Sheya Hertz OpenWeb

During Covid-19, OpenWeb’s managerial skills saw a change for the better

In a world of lockdowns and social distancing, the social network understood that its managerial tactics had to change
Michal Cohen CommBox

CommBox: “Everyone did their best to make Covid-19 work”

The company didn’t close its doors during Covid-19, but it still had to adjust to a life of social distancing and facemasks
Noa Shomrony-Gal AllCloud

During Covid-19, it’s important to “manage your energy,” says AllCloud

There are things we can control and things we can’t - AllCloud’s Noa Shomrony-Gal breaks it down for CTech
Yael Shaar Frisher Artlist

For Artlist, creativity comes from face-to-face contact

It’s one thing to speak on Zoom all day, but the digital content company believes creativity is best when people are together
Renana Schamroth Verbit

Verbit’s ‘Buddy Program’ hoped to make onboarding a little easier during Covid-19

It’s not easy for new employees to join large companies when they spend months working from home - here’s how Verbit tackled the challenge
Sharon Chavoinik Ermetic

Ermetic: “In the post-pandemic world, geography will be less critical for sales”

Cybersecurity company Ermetic is growing its team in a world of social distancing, making location largely irrelevant
Nurit Sabag Breezomete

“A whole new type of HR communication had to be invented,” says BreezoMeter

Covid-19 brought many changes for companies across the world, especially in the HR departments that focus on communication and wellbeing