20 stories about Safety
טסלה מודל 3 מכונית חשמלית

Tesla Autopilot scores low for driver engagement in European safety rating

U.S. regulators have investigated 15 crashes since 2016 involving Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot.
בריכת שחייה בריכה

This Startup Wants to Prevent the Next Pool Drowning

11.11.19|Adi Pick
Coral Detection Systems’ artificial intelligence technology monitors residential pools to detect a possible drowning the moment it occurs
מכונית תאונה

Driver Assistance Systems Actually Help, Says Driver Assistance Systems Maker Mobileye

21.03.19|Lilach Baumer
The Intel-owned chipmaker recently conducted a test of its systems with U.S. nonprofit The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, using the vehicles of 21 IIHS employees
מערכת רייל ויז'ן

Rail Vision Announces $10 Million Investment From Knorr-Bremse

14.03.19|Lilach Baumer
The announcement confirmed a previous report of the investment by Calcalist
מערכת רייל ויז'ן

Railway Safety System Developer Rail Vision Raises $10 Million

06.03.19|Meir Orbach
The Israel-based company develops an automated early warning system (AEWS) for locomotives
מייסדי Ride Vision מימין אורי לביא ליאור כהן

This Startup Wants to Give Motorcyclists an Extra Set of Eyes

25.01.19|Tofi Stoler
Israel-based Ride Vision develops a rider assistance system that uses computer vision and machine learning to predict when a crash is imminent
פורטליקס Foretellix גיל אמיד יואב הולנדר זיו בנימיני

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Startup Foretellix Raises $14 Million

16.01.19|Adi Pick
Foretellix develops a vehicle verification system for autonomous vehicles by encompassing a wide variety of possible scenarios while enabling automakers to test their systems against a common standard
אנשים רוכבים על קורקינטים חשמליים של Bird ו־Lime ב סן פרנסיסקו

Electric Scooter-Sharing Company Bird Expands to Tel Aviv and Paris

01.08.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
Despite some limiting legislation, electric scooters are extremely popular in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv’s busy streets, where most local and international tech companies operating in the country choose to set up shop
רכבת ישראל תחנת חדרה

Israel’s National Railway Adopts Contactless Credit Card Payments

03.07.18|Racheli Bindman
The new payment system will allow passengers to use credit cards equipped with an EMV chip to instantly pay for rides without needing to purchase a paper ticket or charge a pre-purchased card
ZF ו מובילאיי שיתוף פעולה

German Automotive Cameras Developer ZF Partners With Mobileye on Car Safety Cameras

The companies will collaborate on S-Cam4, a family of single and three-lens cameras for use with advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving functions
דני עצמון מנכ"ל קוגנטה COGNATA

Audi Partners With Israeli Autonomous Driving Simulation Company Cognata

27.06.18|Hagar Ravet
Cognata develops an artificial intelligence-based system capable of simulating various situations a self-driving car may encounter within a specific city
בניית הרכבת הקלה ב תל אביב

Proximity to Mediterranean Sea May Hamper Work on Tel Aviv Underground

28.05.18|Ofir Dor
Dubbed the Red Line, the first light rail line, scheduled for completion by October 2021, will connect Tel Aviv with neighboring cities in its metropolitan area through a network of above-ground and underground stations
מייסדי INTSITE צח רם און ו מור רם און

Startup Developing Machine Vision for Cranes Raises $1.35 Million

27.05.18|Tofi Stoler
Israel-based IntSite, uses computer vision to help operate cranes in a safer way
תושבת שמנטרלת התראות טלפוניות ב נהיגה NOTIFY מוצר של חברת קריאייט

Teenage Entrepreneurs Set Out to Eliminate Mobile Phone Distractions for Drivers

02.05.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
A team of Israeli high school students develops a windshield mount for mobile phones that blocks distracting notifications
אתר בנייה ב רחוב יפת ב יפו נדל"ן מנוף מנופים עגורן עגורנים

Israeli Real Estate Company Partners With AI Startup IntSite to Develop Autonomous Cranes

27.03.18|Tofi Stoler
Real estate group Shikun & Binui will provide resources for the development of an artificial intelligence-based system capable of autonomously operating a crane within a construction site
סיאט לאון קריסטובל SEAT

SEAT to Integrate In-Car Sensors to Monitor Drivers’ Alertness

28.02.18|Tofi Stoler
The technology, developed by Israel-based gesture recognition company eyeSight, is currently being featured at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona
רכבת ישראל

Computer Vision Company Announces Collaboration with Nvidia, Stock Rallies

10.01.18|Dror Reich and Tofi Stoler
Nasdaq-listed Foresight announced that Rail Vision, in which it has a stake, collaborates with the chip design juggernaut
אוטובוס ארה"ב תחבורה ציבורית U.S. Bus Public Transportation

Mobileye to Install Driver Assistance Systems on Virginia Public Transport Vehicles

07.01.18|Tofi Stoler
As part of a $450,000 pilot, the state will also retrofit 50 busses with pedestrian collision avoidance systems
תוכנת עיבוד התמונה של מובילאיי ל רכב אוטונומי

Mobileye Might Come Under Israeli Comptroller Review

21.11.17|Tomer Hadar
Last March, Israeli authorities published new directives which would require all new cars imported to Israel to include driving assistance systems
פקק תנועה לונדון

Mobileye Partners with Spatial Analytics Company Esri to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Real time data from Mobileye’s sensor system will be combined with Esri’s mapping, analysis and visualization service