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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange harnesses blockchain tech for new securities lending platform

In March 2020, TASE members were given access to an initial testing environment in the new platform in order to test lending transactions and adapt their systems
רון מירון מנכ"ל חברת אייסיקיור

Cannabis Company InnoCan Lists on the Canadian Securities Exchange

26.09.19|Tzally Greenberg
The Israel-based company listed 4% of its shares and raised $1.5 million at a $12.08 million company valuation
הבורסה לניירות ערך רחוב אחוזת בית תל אביב

TASE IPO Vision Leads CEO to Clash With Regulator

10.06.19|Raheli Bindman
TASE CEO Ittai Ben-Zeev wants to offer shares in the exchange exclusively to the general public, but the Israel Securities Authority has not approved the model
עמוס מתן מנכ"ל אירונאוטיקס

Aeronautics Executives Investigated for Alleged Insider Trading

08.01.19|Tomer Ganon and Golan Hazani
The company specializes in the development of unmanned aerial Vehicles (UAV) for military use and has over 45 defense, military, and homeland security customers worldwide
בקבון חוות שרתים Backbone server farm

Crypto-Mining Outfit Bitfarms Files Preliminary Prospectus in Ontario

12.11.18|Lilach Baumer
The Tel Aviv-listed company submitted a prospectus to the Ontario Securities Commission on Friday via its Canadian private subsidiary
יושבת ראש רשות ניירות ערך ענת גואטה

Israel Security Authority Requires Companies to Include Cyber Threats in Filings

In a memo published Sunday, the Israeli securities regulator said cyber attacks can threaten the ability of companies to reach milestones and can result in loss of income
אסף אלימלך מנכ"ל Plus500

Blackrock Takes 7% Stake in Trading Firm Plus500

27.09.18|Lilach Baumer
Earlier this month, London-listed online gambling company Playtech PLC announced it has sold its 10% stake in Plus500 for gross proceeds of around 176 million pounds
נטע ברזילי בביצוע הגמר של אירוויזיון 2018 3

National Broadcaster to Netanyahu: Send Money, or Pass On Opportunity to Host Eurovision Contest

13.08.18|Yoav Stoler
In a letter sent to Netanyahu on Sunday, the broadcaster warned it will not provide the securities required to hold the song contest in Israel, should the government fail to secure the full budget required for the event
בורסה בורסת תל אביב 6

Israeli Regulator Issues Warning About Two Algorithmic Trading Firms

13.07.18|Tomer Ganon
Emerald Base Ltd., which represents Trade Station Ltd. in Israel, and TradeStation Securities Inc. have not received regulatory approval from the Israel Securities Authority
בורסה בורסת תל אביב 5

Cancer Treatment Company BioCanCell Raises $22.9 Million in Private Placement

The company announced the issuance of 5.9 million new shares in April
כנס פינטק 15.5.18 פאנל ניהול ההון הלל רז

Securities Trade is Going into Consumers’ Hands, Says Startup CEO

16.05.18|Meir Orbach and Sefi Krupsky
BondIT develops machine learning-based analytics and automation tools for the fixed income global market.
אלכס פולק ISHARES בלאקרוק

World's Largest Asset Manager BlackRock to Enter Israeli Market

11.04.18|Raheli Bindman
On Wednesday, the New York-based corporation published a new prospectus for a mutual fund to be offered to the Israeli public
מייסדי פורסקאוט מימין דורון שקמוני עודד קומאי רמי קאליש חזי ישורון

Cyber Company Forescout Wants to Raise $160 Million by New Offering

20.03.18|Dror Reich
Following its Monday announcement, Forescout fell 6.9% on Nasdaq by Monday market close
ביטקוין מטבע וירטואלי מטבעות דיגיטליים קריפטו 1

Israeli Regulators Say Most Cryptocurrencies Legally Count as Securities

19.03.18|Reut Shpigelman
New guidelines seek to clarify how Israeli law treats cryptocurrencies
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli Regulator Approves Dual-Listing on Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto Stock Exchanges

14.01.18|Shir Reiter
The Israel Securities Authority approved Chairman Shmuel Hauser’s bill to allow companies traded on the Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto Stock Exchanges to dual-list on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Heavy Opposition Expected for Planned Israeli Ban on Cryptocurrency Companies

07.01.18|Raheli Bindman and Reut Shpigelman
The Israeli regulator published a plan to bar cryptocurrency-related companies from trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Thursday
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli Regulator Proposes to Ban Crypto-focused Companies from Stock Exchange

04.01.18|Raheli Bindman
A final sign off by Israel’s finance minister is now required to ban crypto-related companies from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
חנות למכירת ביטקוין דיזינגוף 99 תל אביב

Blockchain Loses Magic Hold on Tel Aviv Investors

21.12.17|Raheli Bindman, Reut Shpigelman and Lilach Baumer
After two weeks filled with stock rallies related to companies announcing new crypto-currency and Blockchain businesses, excitement seems to be wearing off
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Financial Trading Company Plus500’s Stock Takes Hit After European Advisory Issued

19.12.17|Asaf Shalev
European authority says it is considering placing restrictions on “speculative products” like those offered by Plus500. The company says it welcomes increased regulation
ד"ר אמיר ולדמן מייסדי הום סקינוביישנס מעורב בפרשת מובילאיי

Emails in Mobileye Insider Trading Case Pinpoint Leak’s Source

18.12.17|Tomer Ganon and Ran Abramson
The documents show how defendants communicated information about the stock’s expected spike