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איירון סורס הנפקה

Unicorn troubles: How to convince tech talent to stay

30.01.22|Maayan Manela
While IPOs or lofty valuations may seem like a reason to party, they’re also a turning point as some employees are realizing their options’ value may decrease, and prefer to work elsewhere
אלה אבנון כנס עתיד הבריאות

KPMG survey finds employee shortage isn’t prime concern in tech market

17.01.22|Maayan Manela
According to the accounting firm, the greatest challenge for Israeli tech companies at the growth stage is expanding overseas and then raising capital
אימי עירון רועי עזריאל יבניאלה כהן אנג'ל דורון שטרליך

"The notion of ‘a company as a family,’ is treated today with contempt"

12.10.21|Tomer Hadar
What do employees need, what do they want and how to attract them, were some of the topics at the center of discussion at the Tech@Work conference
Chen Guter Lusha

How Lusha aims to be the ‘love brand’ of B2B companies

B2B companies face an uphill battle in attracting talent away from global or consumer-facing organizations. This meant Lusha had to think outside the box
Janvest Capital Partners Team

Israelis should stop driving false urgency when seeking funds, says Janvest Capital Partners

Speaking with CTech for its Israeli Tech in NY series, the venture fund highlights some of the ways Israelis can win over their American counterparts
Sarit Olamy Ex Libris

Ex Libris: Remote working had a ‘significant impact’ on diversity

Covid-19 pushed the EdTech company to hire remotely and expand their candidate pool to a range of locations across the country
Yael Koch Warschawski Armis Security

Armis Security: We survived Covid-19 because of our culture

Joining CTech as part of its HR Post-Covid series, Yael Koch Warschawski shares how Armis Security’s organizational culture kept the company afloat during Covid-19
Flora Bondici Trax

The pandemic has caused “growing mental and emotional exhaustion”, observes Trax HR head

While Trax wasn’t too impacted by Covid-19, its Chief People Officer, Flóra Bondici, noted the effect it had on its hundreds of employees’ mental health.
Dana Fischer BigID דנה פישר

Nothing can replace the personal touch, says Israel’s #1 Startup to work for

Even though BigID was ranked by Dun & Bradstreet as the best startup to work for, its Head of HR, Dana Fischer, revealed how the company struggled with Covid-19
Ravid Shomer Shalom Windward

“Our employees were all in the same boat” during Covid-19, says maritime intelligence platform Windward

Due to the pandemic, all 90 of Windward’s employees work remotely - something that used to be reserved for only a few located overseas
Galit Minkin Diagnostic Robotics

During Covid-19, Diagnostic Robotics pivoted to aid Israel’s pandemic response

When every other company was sent home or risked getting shut down entirely, Diagnostic Robotics formed a digital health partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Health
מתנדבים של OneDay

OneDay volunteer work increases employee productivity

Through volunteer projects, OneDay initiative hopes to improve employee productivity by giving volunteers an all-around good feeling
Tzurit Golan Fyber צורית גולן פיבר

Despite Covid-19, we had a chance to thrive, says Fyber HR manager

Not all companies saw 2020 as a chance to thrive on a personal and professional level. According to Fyber’s Global HR Manager, it was one of their best years ever
Spot By NetApp  Vered Nimni

Covid-19 is an opportunity to support local business, says Spot HR head

As small businesses around the world closed down and faced bankruptcy, Spot saw an opportunity to help others
Keren Halperin Namogoo

The positives and negatives of Covid-19 are “two sides of the same coin,” says Namogoo’s HR Leader

After months of lockdowns and isolation, Namogoo’s Keren Halperin gets candid about how Covid-19 affected the business and employee morale
Jenia Medvedev Fundbox

Covid-19 changed the recruiting game, says Fundbox’s VP of People

Covid-19 disrupted not just how employees communicate with each other, but how companies communicate with potential new hires. Jenia Medvedev explains how in the latest Post-Covid HR series
Liron Prizant Sisense

In a post-Covid-19 world, Sisense’s HR Manager asks: what does success look like?

Continuing our series on how HR Teams pivoted in a post-Covid-19 world, Sisense’s HR Manager Liron Prizant talks to CTech about how the company adapted to prepare for the future of work
יואב צוקר Natural Intelligence

Natural Intelligence: Remaining under the radar was all part of a ‘master plan’

Continuing our Employer Branding series, Natural Intelligence’s Yoav Tzuker speaks with CTech about how the company remained under the radar for the first eight years of its history - only then to attract top talent
HoneyBook Maya Wolkoon and Allie Mintz

This year tested our values and culture, admits HoneyBook’s HR Team

As part of our post-Covid HR series, HoneyBook’s Maya Wolkoon and Allie Mintz discuss how they foster a unified work environment from two main offices in Tel Aviv and San Francisco

The 3 layers that affect human capital during Covid-19, according to Minute Media’s Chief People Officer

Continuing our Post-Covid HR series, Liat Shahar joins CTech to outline three challenges that impacted human capital at Minute Media