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E-scooter sharing startup Bird appoints Ran Broder Israel CEO

Broder, who headed company's operation & governance relations for the past two years, will replace company founder Yaniv Rivlin, who remains a consultant
ID Verification BIRD

E-scooter service Bird will implement face recognition technology from Israel’s AU10TIX

05.01.21|James Spiro
The Israeli technology will integrate within the scooter-sharing app to prevent fraud and underage riders
Bumble Bird

Romance on the go: Bird and Bumble partner to help create meaningful connections

29.11.20|James Spiro
For the next four weeks, users can swipe and scoot for new opportunities to ride into the sunset
יניב ריבלין Yaniv Rivlin Bird Israel

Private micro-mobility companies might finally give cities the innovation they need

31.08.20|James Spiro
CTech spoke with the CEO of Bird Israel on how private companies can help public sectors - to the benefit of millions
יניב ריבלין Yaniv Rivlin Bird Israel

Insights: Two years on, Bird reveals scope of Israel’s love affair with electric scooters

18.08.20|James Spiro
Company’s numbers find hundreds of thousands of Israelis are primarily using micro-mobility to bypass rush hour traffic jams
קידוח גז אסדה אסדת גז לוויתן לווייתן נובל דלק 2

What part did Israeli diplomats play in Chevron-Noble deal and can Hippo overtake Lemonade?

CTech Daily Roundup: Hippo challenging Lemonade for insurtech supremacy in unicorn battle of Israeli entrepreneurs
מתנדבי איחוד הצלה משתמשים בקורקינטים חשמליים של BIRD

Bird offers free scooter sharing to help Tel Aviv medics reach the scene in seconds

United Hatzalah personnel will be able to respond faster to emergencies using Bird’s network of electric micro-mobility vehicles
קןרקינט חשמלי בירד Bird מפה Trailze

Navigation is coming to scooters

18.06.20|Udi Etzion
Shared electric-scooter company Bird will offer users in Tel Aviv and Paris the option to navigate with a new app based on technology by Israeli company Trailze
קורקינטיים קורקינטיים קורקינטים קורקינט חשמלקורקינט חשמלי שיתופיים של בירד ב שדרות רוטשילד תל אביב

The Uber Case: Why Micro-Mobility Companies Need a Better Business Plan

12.01.20|Omer Kabir
Last week, shared e-scooter company Lime announced a significant downsizing of its operation and a new focus on profitability, marking the way for its rivals to what?
קורקינט חשמלי תל אביב

Scooter-Sharing Services Bird and Lime Come to Jerusalem

07.10.19|Udi Etsion and Adi Pick
A new pilot program will see several dozens of shared scooters stationed around the city's Har Hotzvim High-Tech Park
בירד Bird

Bird Users in Tel Aviv Scooted Enough to Circle Earth 98 Times

12.08.19|Tomer Hadar
Bird’s electric scooter-sharing app has been used in Tel Aviv for more than two million rides by over 250,000 users since the company launched its operations locally in August of 2018
קורקינטיים קורקינטים קורקינט חשמלי שיתופיים של בירד בשדרות רוטשילד תל אביב

Bird to Start Carding Israeli E-Scooter Users

24.07.19|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
The Los Angeles-headquartered electric scooter-sharing company intends to require a scan of users’ ID cards or driver’s licenses as proof of age
קורקינט חשמלי תל אביב 6

How Tel Aviv Became an Unlikely Sandbox for Non-Israeli Tech Companies Looking to Expand Services

23.01.19|Orr Hirschauge and Lilach Baumer
One of the densest tech innovation hubs in the world, the small size of the predominantly Hebrew-speaking Israeli-market used to mean technology services came here late. 2018 signaled a wind change
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Moovit to Integrate Mobike and Bird Service in its Transportation App

03.01.19|Raphael Kahan
Moovit’s app will soon offer vehicle sharing services to users in Israel as part of its urban navigation options
קורקינט של BIRD רמת גן

Tel Aviv Suburb Becomes Unlikely Hub for Smart Mobility

11.11.18|Tofi Stoler
On Sunday, electric scooter-sharing company Bird became the third company to offer on-demand personal vehicles in the Israeli town of Ramat Gan
ועידת הדיגיטל והמובייל יניב ריבלין מנכ"ל Bird ישראל

Bird’s Scooters Service Marks 25,000 Users in Tel Aviv, Says Exec

29.10.18|Orr Hirschauge
Yaniv Rivlin, general manager of Bird Israel, said that Bird’s goal is to partner with cities to help reduce traffic. He spoke Monday at Calcalist’s and Bank Hapoalim’s eighth annual digital and mobile conference
קורקינט חשמלי 1

As Electric Scooters Take Over the World, Tel Aviv Stands First in Line

30.09.18|Diana Bahur-Nir
From tech workers to hipster moms, the electric scooter is fast becoming the new transportation mode of choice of Tel Aviv residents
בירד Bird

The Bird Has Landed in Tel Aviv

14.08.18|Omer Kabir
Electric scooter-sharing company Bird announced its intention to enter Tel Aviv and Paris as the first step in the company’s expansion outside the U.S. earlier this month
יואב תורג'מן מנכ"ל חברת אלתא

Israeli Elta Partners with U.S. Company to Build a Rescue Drone

The companies intend to build a drone-mounted system that will use cellular phones to locate victims under ruins and in disaster zones
אנשים רוכבים על קורקינטים חשמליים של Bird ו־Lime ב סן פרנסיסקו

Electric Scooter-Sharing Company Bird Expands to Tel Aviv and Paris

01.08.18|Tomer Hadar and Tofi Stoler
Despite some limiting legislation, electric scooters are extremely popular in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv’s busy streets, where most local and international tech companies operating in the country choose to set up shop