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פרסומת עזריאלי.קום

Closure of may herald fall of other Israeli e-commerce sites

19.12.23|Orna Yefet
A loss of NIS 313 million ($85.7 million) has caused the Azrieli Group to close Due to a lack of experience in logistics and a conflict of interest with retailers, the real estate group's online site had no real chance of survival
Shopping Muse

Mastercard unveils generative AI shopping tool built on Dynamic Yield’s personalization capabilities

Shopping Muse is meant to recreate the in-store, human experience by translating consumers’ colloquial language into tailored product recommendations
מחזן אמזון  בניו ג'רזי סייבר מאנדיי 2023

Cyber Monday frenzy: Online spending hits record $12 billion

Bargain hunters go wild for deals on Barbie dolls, Lego sets, headphones, and smartwatches

Livestream shopping platform buywith closes $9.5 million Seed round

25.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company enables brands and retailers who own e-commerce sites to use the buywith platform to host on-site livestream shopping events with thousands of participants watching in real time
מגזין עצמאות 4.5.22 עובדי טריגו trigo

Trigo is competing with Amazon, and giving it a run for its money

04.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup transforms existing supermarkets and grocers into fully autonomous, digital stores, allowing retailers across the world to challenge Amazon
איילון גרפונקל מנכ"ל

“Camden Market is at 84% from its pre-pandemic peak,” says LabTech CEO

23.03.22|Omer Kabir
“We’re breathing life into the ecosystem,” said Eylon Garfunkel, CEO of real estate group LabTech, which is one of Israeli entrepreneur Teddy Sagi’s portfolio companies
מימין: סיון פרידמן יוסף ולנור דניאל מייסדות דריל

Neuromarketing research startup raises $1.25 million Seed round to track consumer emotions

28.12.21|Almog Azar
Mobileye founder Amnon Shashua and the CEO of the Victory supermarket chain are among those investing in Drill, which monitors real-time implied responses of customers while shopping
Ronen Yuval - Hoch (left) and Jonathan Friedman Karma Founders

AI shopping startup Karma announces $25 million Series A

The Israeli company's fundraising was led by Target Global and MoreTech Ventures
מטה טושיבה באירופה דיסלדורף גרמניה partners with Toshiba to provide a white-labelled, SaaS online storefront solution

The partnership will facilitate the full offering and integration of the Israeli startup's platform within the retailer's environment
מוצר של חברת שופיק SHOPIC

Shopic raises $10 million for smart shopping cart

13.07.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup has developed an AI-powered clip-on device that can turn any standard shopping cart into a smart cart
מימין דניאל גבאי ומיכאל גבאי מייסדי טריגו

Trigo partners with REWE Group to provide grab-and-go shopping experience

Shoppers will be able to walk into a store, select their items, and simply walk out - without having to wait at a checkout lane or scan any items

Wasteless deploys its pricing solution at METRO to help with food reduction

05.05.21|James Spiro
The company automatically adjusts the pricing of food items based on their expiration dates
אייל פישר מנכ"ל פרישיאייט

Checkout by selfie: The startup aiming to take customized shopping to the next level with facial recognition

26.12.20|Allon Sinai
Israeli company Preciate, founded by former Amdocs CEO Avi Naor and the former head of the cyber division at Unit 8200 Eyal Fisher, was forced to pivot due to Covid-19, but is getting back on track with its Pay by Face service
מימין ג'ייני ווייטסייד יוני בלוך ועידת ניו יורק

Walmart turns to Israeli software to create interactive shopping experience

British-born CCO of Walmart and Israeli musician-turned-software-startup-founder create ways to improve traditional shopping experience
אביב פרנקל ו שגיא לבנון אונרוט

Israel’s Enroute selected to take part in Intelak’s Dubai-based incubator

11.10.20|Meir Orbach
Enroute provides users with a personalized commerce platform for ride hailing and mass transit applications which allows them to travel for free while shopping online
Facebook Shopping קניות בפיסבוק

Israeli programmer reveals uphill battle to launch Facebook Shops remotely

25.08.20|James Spiro
The Israeli team took over from the London office to create a new multi-app tool for e-commerce solutions
יואל בר אל

Brick and mortar shops are here to stay, says CEO of retail analytics company Trax

Joel Bar-El, co-founder and CEO of Trax believes the changes to our shopping habits, brought about by Covid-19, are just temporary
אריה בוים אושר עד ברוקלין

Xenophobia Thrives During Pandemics, Says Founder of Haredi Supermarket Chain

08.04.20|Diana Bahur-Nir
Aryeh Boim, founder of Israeli heavy discount supermarket chain Osher Ad, which caters to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, believes the dangers of Covid-19 are beyond medical
בלאק פריידיי קניות

6 Technologies to Make Your Black Friday Shopping Spree Easier

22.11.19|Elham Nasser Eddin
Whether you love or hate shopping, these Israel-linked tech companies can make the experience much easier and a lot more fun
חנות ספרים של אמזון ב סיאטל ארה"ב

Amazon's International Challenges Push the Company Towards Smaller Markets

01.05.19|Ran Abramson
The company has so far failed to establish itself in India and just two weeks ago announced it is pulling out of China, but Amazon’s pockets are deep enough to withstand years of lukewarm success outside the U.S.