Empty high-tech office.

Full list of Israeli high-tech layoffs in 2022

The financial crisis is taking its toll on Israeli high-tech, with numerous companies parting ways with significant portions of their workforce

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הייטק פיטורים משרד ריק שבוע עבודה מקוצר
הייטק פיטורים משרד ריק שבוע עבודה מקוצר
Empty high-tech office.
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Five months ago the event planning platform parted with 120 employees, meaning it has cut more than half of its team since July
The Israeli company will be laying off another 70-80 employees after parting with over 100 workers in June
Israel’s highest-valued startup, which reached a $15 billion valuation earlier this year, could lay off more than 10% of its 900 employees
The company, which raised $110 million at a $1.4 billion valuation this past March, is laying off 37 employees in total
“We have made the very difficult decision to reduce our headcount in preparation for prolonged changes in demand,” said CEO Or Offer, who believes the company can become profitable in 2023
The marketing service is cutting its workforce after significantly increasing hiring following a $230 million funding round at a $1.4 billion valuation in March 2021
The Dutch technology giant announced last month that it would be cutting 4,000 jobs worldwide
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הנפקת סימילרווב בשבוע שעבר
הנפקת סימילרווב בשבוע שעבר
Similarweb IPO.
(Photo: Bloomberg)
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, two countries in which Viber has a major customer base, has significantly impacted the company’s bottom line
The cloud backup company, valued at $3.35 billion last year, is laying off over 150 employees in Israel and the U.S.
The company, which has developed a platform to manage media assets, has been bootstrapped since it was founded and announced a secondary investment of $110 million at a company valuation of $2 billion earlier this year
The technology-enabled homebuilding company is laying off around 100 employees despite taking its total funding to $600 million earlier this year
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עמי אברהמי עמית הלר Veev
עמי אברהמי עמית הלר Veev
Veev co-founders.
(Photo: Veev)
The Israeli startup, which raised $15 million six months ago to take its total funding to $81 million, is parting ways with 25
The Nasdaq-traded firm saw its share price plummet by more than a third last week following its disappointing results for the third quarter of the year
The Israeli company, acquired by American private equity firm Hellman & Friedman at a $1.15 billion valuation in March 2020, is laying off around 100 employees
The startup connects employees in high-tech companies who want to exercise their options and qualified investors who want to purchase shares of private companies before they become public
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מייסדי EquityBee אקוויטיבי מימין מודי רדשקוביץ אורן ברזילי עודד גולן,
מייסדי EquityBee אקוויטיבי מימין מודי רדשקוביץ אורן ברזילי עודד גולן,
EquityBee founders.
(Photo: Nofar Tegar)
Following the layoffs, most of HP’s activity in Israel will be concentrated under Indigo, which HP acquired in 2001
This is the second round of layoffs at the company, which parted ways with around 100 employees in June
After parting ways with 30% of the team in July, the volunteering platform is cutting its workforce again and will remain with just 17 employees
The Israeli-founded company is laying off 150 of its 360 employees, half in Israel and half in the U.S. “We grew our team too fast, and we need to course correct,” said CEO Prashant Fuloria
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אבי אמור מאי פיאמנטה גיל אמסלם VEE
אבי אמור מאי פיאמנטה גיל אמסלם VEE
Vee co-founders.
(Photo: VEE)
The Israeli-founded company, which raised $530 million at an $8.5 billion valuation last year, will be laying off almost 15% of its workforce
The company, which develops a telehealth platform for the U.S. market, is cutting its Israeli R&D staff by half
Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram’s artificial vision startup is sacking a total of 62 employees
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מימין מייסדי מובילאיי ו אורקם אמנון שעשוע ו זיו אבירם
מימין מייסדי מובילאיי ו אורקם אמנון שעשוע ו זיו אבירם
OrCam co-founders.
(Photo: Tommy Harpaz)
The chip maker, which was acquired by Intel in 2019 for $2 billion, denied the downturn in the market was behind the decision to fire around 100 employees
The Israeli startup's solution for metabolic disease aims to improve health outcomes and reduce or eliminate prescription medications
Founder and CEO of the digital advertising platform Adam Singolda sent a letter to the employees announcing the cutbacks, which include a plan to reduce costs by $38 million
The Israeli startup is parting ways with 11 of its 39 employees from its HR, marketing, and sales departments
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עמית רפפורט מנכ"לית קומפיט
עמית רפפורט מנכ"לית קומפיט
Compete co-founders.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
The Israeli company has raised upwards of $100 million in three rounds led by Israeli tech entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz, Intel, and Microsoft
The Israeli company raised $100 million at a $1.4 billion valuation earlier this year
The social media giant’s activity in Israel was built around the acquisitions of AR startup Cimagine and Voca.ai, which was acquired for around $70 million in November 2020
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 Firebolt  Eldad _alt Saar
 Firebolt  Eldad _alt Saar
Firebolt co-founders.
(Photo: Firebolt)
The shares of the Israeli-founded insurtech company fell by almost 6% on Wednesday, reducing the company’s market cap to $555 million
Just a year after it went public via a SPAC merger at a value of $1.26 billion, Israeli autotech company Otonomo has seen its market cap plummet to a mere $62 million
The Israeli-founded startup raised a $100 million Series B just one year ago
The much-maligned offensive cyber company will be parting ways with around 15% of its workforce, while long-standing CEO Hulio will focus on the sale of the company, which has been under intense scrutiny since last year for the sale of its Pegasus hacking tool
The Workspace-as-a-Service platform for a hybrid work model has laid off 11 additional employees as it continues its restructuring which began following a $10 million Series A in March
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הנפקת קלטורה
הנפקת קלטורה
Kaltura management.
(Photo: Nir Arieli)
The Israeli-founded video creation and distribution company is laying off 80 employees, 30 of them in Israel
This will be the second significant cost cut by the company since it announced its intention to reduce expenses earlier this year, with Wix parting with several dozen employees when it closed its subsidiary Wix Answers in June
Vee’s platform hosts a wide range of volunteering opportunities, enabling HR teams to find, coordinate, and share charity events
The Israeli company, formerly known as Kenshoo, is laying off around 30 employees, making up about 4% of its workforce
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מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל Fiverr
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל Fiverr
Fiverr CEO.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
The NYSE-traded and Israeli-founded online gig marketplace will be laying off around 8% of its workforce. Fiverr shares have fallen by 66% in 2022 and by almost 90% from their peak at the start of 2021
The internet recommendation platform will be laying off around 3% of its workforce
Soluto was acquired by the U.S. company in 2013, but will be closing as part of a reorganization being taken on by Asurion
The video hosting, sharing, and services platform will be parting ways with around 70 employees in total, including about 10 of its 120 employees in Israel
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עובדי vimeo וימאו
עובדי vimeo וימאו
Vimeo employees.
(Photo: Vimeo)
The Israeli startup, which provides community insights and an analytics platform for state and local governments, will be parting ways with around 30 employees
The Israel-based maker of industrial inkjet printers for the garment industry has seen its stock fall by over 80% since the start of the year
The Israeli company will be parting ways with 30 employees eight months after raising $205 million at a $1.5 billion valuation
Fabric reached a $1 billion valuation just this past October when it raised $200 million, but will now be parting ways with a third of its staff
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עובדי נקסט אינשורנס NEXT INSURANCE
עובדי נקסט אינשורנס NEXT INSURANCE
Next Insurance.
(Photo: Amit Shaal)
The company is laying off 150 employees, mostly in the U.S., explaining that “we must shift focus towards profitability”
The business monitoring company is parting ways with 35 of its 129 employees
The data analytics startup is laying off 30 of its 170 employees in order to help it reach a balanced bottom line
The event planning platform will lay off 120 of its 400 employees as it prepares for an extended downturn in business
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מימין בועז כץ ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי מייסדי חברת ביזאבו bizzabo
מימין בועז כץ ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי מייסדי חברת ביזאבו bizzabo
Bizzabo founders. Photo: Courtesy
Most of the total of around 80 layoffs will be of employees in the U.S., with 30 employees from Israel leaving the company
The trading platform is currently in advanced negotiations for a private funding round for between $800 million and $1 billion, at a $5 billion valuation
Lightricks is the latest in a growing list of unicorns to lay off employees despite having hundreds of millions of dollars in their account, joining the likes of Cybereason, Trax, and Snyk
The cybersecurity unicorn announced that it would be making organizational changes despite reaching a valuation of $8.5 billion last year and raising a total of $830 million in 2021
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מייסדי Snyk סניק אסף חפץ דני גרנדר ו גיא פודחרני
מייסדי Snyk סניק אסף חפץ דני גרנדר ו גיא פודחרני
Snyk founders.
(Photo: Snyk )
The American-Israeli company is parting ways with around 150 employees as it continues to look for a way out of a crisis that saw it pause all withdrawals from its platform three weeks ago
Around 60 of 250 employees are set to leave the American company, which was founded in 2012 and set up its R&D center in Israel six years later
The American company develops software-defined autonomous manufacturing lines for industry and has an R&D and operations center in Kibbutz Yakum in Israel’s Sharon region
Around 50 employees were notified on Sunday that they will be laid off after the Chinese e-commerce giant decided to shut down local development
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סטרים אלמנטס StreamElements
סטרים אלמנטס StreamElements
StreamElements team.
(Photo: Kobi Bachar)
The company, which provides engagement and monetization tools for live and VOD content creators, joins Cybereason and Trax on the list of Israeli SoftBank-backed startups making cuts
The U.S. company announced just four months ago that it plans on recruiting dozens of additional employees in the country
“We still have a lot of money in our account from last year’s funding round, but we are required to reach profitability faster than we had planned,” said Trax co-founder and Executive Chairman Joel Bar-El
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משמאל יוני לוקנסברג  אריאל קליקשטיין  מייסדי אלמנטור  ELEMENTOR
משמאל יוני לוקנסברג  אריאל קליקשטיין  מייסדי אלמנטור  ELEMENTOR
Elementor founders.
(Photo: Amit Shaal)
The total number of staff members that will be leaving the company is estimated to be around 50-60, most of them from the marketing department
Earlier this year, Cybereason, which is backed by SoftBank's Vision Fund 2 and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's investment firm, confidentially filed for a U.S. initial public offering that could value it at more than $5 billion
The gaming giant is looking to consolidate some of its activities and therefore decided to close its R&D centers in London and Montreal, and to transfer the activity of its Los Angeles studio to Israel and Poland
First published: 09:47, 07.07.22